Race to the North Pole - Game Overview

Race To The North Pole - Game Interview

As it's beginning to feel a bit like the North Pole lately, what better time to introduce our next game by Playmore Games; Race to the North Pole! The game can hold 2-4 arctic adventurers aged 7 and up and will take around 45 minutes to trek through the hazardous maze conditions. This is definitely a game full of excitement and can be very unpredictable. It's easy to play but will take a lot of skill and strategy to master, so get wrapped up and listen closely...

The adventure starts here! Your goal is to travel through the arctic with your team to reach the North Pole. Sounds simple, right? Hmm, maybe not... In order to get there, you must battle through the treacherous weather conditions; storms will hit and completely throw you off course! You'll get equipment to help you get there but you'll also encounter some hazards. Plan your route carefully, you don't want to find yourself face to face with a Polar Bear!

Inside the game box with the amazing artwork, you'll find the game board which assembles together to create a rather magnificent experience; the board will rotate and the maze will alter! There are also multiple game cards, team pawns in different colours and a variety of different tokens. Not forgetting the fearsome Polar Bear! The game is set up by each player having their own expedition team with team board and ship, which they will need to guide through to maze to the centre. Action cards and Ice Mask tokens are arranged and placed in their appropriate places on the board and the journey begins!

The first player begins by moving a member of their expedition team forward in the direction specified on one of the cards in front of them. This can be left, right, forwards, backwards or even diagonal! Don't step on the cracks, but if there is a member of an opponent's expedition team where you want to move to, you can kick them back to their ship! When you want to perform an action, your cards will tell you where you can move and whether you are allowed to abush. It will also tell you when the storm arrives and when the board rotates; plan your path wisely!

Race to the North Pole is not only different every time you play, but will change before your eyes as you play each game. A great addition to any games library.

- Nigel Scarfe, Imagination Gaming

There are a number of different Ice Masks; pieces of equipment or even hazards that can help or hinder your journey. These can be obtained by discovering them on the game board or by amushing. If you find a piece of equipment, you can use this straight away to get you out of a sticky situation, or add it to your inventory so it can help you later on in the game. However, if you find a hazard, then these happen instantly. Gulp!

When the storm hits, hold on tight! The game board will be rotated according to the colour specified on the card used, ranging from one quarter turn to half a revolution in either direction! When the storm ends, your current path to the North Pole may be blocked and it may be a lot more difficult to get your team there. The three cards you'll be using will be completely different and the cracks in the ice will have also altered. However, it could also make your journey a bit easier. Keep those fingers crossed (if they're not already frozen...) 

In order to win the game, you must get the whole of your expedition team to the North Pole. As each member of the team makes it, they then get transported to the score board. The first player to get each of their team to the North Pole and the score board is the winner!

Race to the North Pole is very easy to pick up, but it does also involve a lot of strategy. The Arctic weather makes game play very unpredictable and it's up to you to figure out the best and most appropriate path to take, but we think this is defintely what makes the game unique. Due to this, each game play is challenging and exciting throughout; no game of Race to the North Pole is the same! Playmore Games definitely know how to create an immensely fun game which doesn't disappoint.

This is a game you definitely don't want to miss...click here to view a bit of action from the game!

Race to the North Pole is available in store and online now. Click here to be taken to the page and make a purchase; stock is limited!