Imagination Gaming have a wide portfolio of services tailored for educational and social organisations - alongside support and consultancy to the games-play industries and those supporting families, children and learning.
From one off event support, through to structured and evolving learning programmes our services fulfil a range of complex and diverse needs. At Imagination Gaming we are proud to keep delivering fun and engaging experiences to the families, communities and organisations we work with.

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Imagination Gaming have been delivering transformative learning experiences since 2007 for a wide array of organisations nationwide.  Recognised as leaders in their field the 'Learn to play - Play to Learn' philosophy has been empowering teachers, schools and community groups to provide learning and social development without barriers to a diverse audience of needs. The  potential of gaming as a learning tool is immense - both as  a powerful motivator within mainstream curricula activities or as an intervention method for those most in need of the engagement it delivers.

Imagination Gaming is driven to make a difference.

Nigel is at heart a gamer. He is a passionate and dedicated individual who has been convinced by his own experiences that children around the country should benefit from the social inclusion, engagement and learning opportunites that gaming can deliver.

We are expanding internationally: Imagination Gaming Cyprus

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Nicola Gray: 07943682456
Nigel Scarfe: 07957611243

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