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At Imagination Gaming we pride ourselves on taking the world’s best games out to schools and educational organisations across the UK and to a range of large events.

The games we look to use either enhance or apply curriculum skills, or work on the social and emotional skill sets. They are all easy to use, play and they look the part!

When a company sends in games, we aim to give them a window to a wider audience across the events we do. Where we feel a game does not fit our remit then we will provide constructive comments as to why we don’t feel that we can use the game at our specific activities and games days.

Selection of board games including invasion of the cow snatchers, junior alias, city of zombies, first colours and shakespeare

How it works

We have three core areas in which we use games.


Inspiring learning through games

Are you looking for us to take the games into primary, secondary or special schools?

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Showcasing at the best shows

Are you looking for us to take the games out to some of the many large events we run, such as comic cons or game conventions?

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Imagination Gaming Awards

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Are you wanting to submit a game to our yearly game awards, aimed towards family and educational games? These have run now for several years and come with many perks, definitely worth a look. Click here to visit our awards page.

We are always on the lookout for new games to take and try out so if you think you have a game that would fit into this then get in touch using the form below:

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