New Games from Cheatwell!

New Games from Cheatwell!

Four game boxes laid on table

We’re very lucky to have some great new games to try out from Cheatwell Games!


Chattabox is the wacky word game that will keep everyone talking for hours!

It’s a helter-skelter race in which you must get rid of your cards by calling out answers to teasing topics. Once the topic has been announced you’ll have to think quickly, calling out examples that start with the letters on your cards. Try not to panic – do your best to keep the momentum going whilst playing out the cards in your hand… but don’t delay… pause too long or fail to play your cards and you’ll pick up a penalty!


Chattabox game box



Do you speak caveman? No? Well, here’s your chance to learn!

Shout out one of the caveman words so that everyone knows what to look for next… it’s a rapid race to get rid of your cards before your megalithic mates!

It’s simply prehysterical!


Caveman game box


Silly Safari

How exciting to be on safari, trying to spot all your favourite animals… but, hang on, one of them has wandered off!

Be the first to find the missing animal in this fun, frantic card game of matching and observation!


Silly Safari Game box


Lift Off

Are you ready for lift-off?

In this starburst of a space race, players place sets of cards to form launch pads. Get the right combination and you can blast off leaving your opponents stranded!

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Lift Off game box

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