Then & Now: The State Of The Hobby Games Industry - Part 2

Last week I looked at where I saw the gaming industry a couple of decades ago and how different things were then. Here, writing from my hotel room at the world's largest games convention in Essen, things have really come full circle in terms of how things are viewed and the quality of games themselves, from both a production and a playability perspective. Let’s have a look closer at this and where we might end up...

Then & Now: The State Of The Hobby Games Industry

While we’re in a purple patch in gaming at the moment its worth remembering that the industry has had its ups and downs over the last couple of decades. Before looking into specific areas of the industry, from the makers to the (dice) shakers, we thought it would be interesting to take a brief look at where it started out and how we got to where we are now...

Why Use Games In Education?

As part of our new website we will be introducing regular posts and blogs covering all areas of the game world, from the industry to the consumer - both at home and in education. With different viewpoints not only from us, but the wide spectrum of game creators and users, we'll continue to ecplore why games are such a crucial part of life in work and in play.

So, what better place to start than with an overview of why we think we should be using games in education.... what do you think?

Games Build Bridges… A Universal Language

This article described an on-going project in Beech Hill primary school in Halifax and demonstrates just some of the wide-ranging and powerful influences games can have in education when introduced in the 'right' way. Following an initial meeting with the Principal Officer for Primary Schools in Calderdale, Lawrence Killian, we were introduced to the Head and leadership team of a primary school that was looking for new initiatives to compliment both the curriculum and PSHE education from a fresh angle. One thing that stood out about this school was the sheer variety of nationalities that were present and the added hurdles such diversity can cause in school and the wider community. This is what had happened so far…