Showcase Series: 2 Way Games

Showcase Series: 2 Way Games

Game box and game for "2 Way Words"

2 Way Games

As part of our ‘Showcase Series’, we are highlighting games companies large and small with a few quick questions to discover more about their conception, evolution, inspirations and aspirations. From the largest multi-national companies to indie games makers and even individual new-comers, we’re happy to shine a light on a variety of views of the gaming industry and experiences for those at all points on the gaming ladder!

Today SJD Games, creators of Jask, introduce 2 Way Games…


Tell us briefly the background of your company?

SJD Games Ltd was set up in 2010, to take Jask the most well known of our products to market, essentially being stocked in John Lewis for 8 Years, Waterstones, Hamleys etc… and now SJD is concentrating a lot of its efforts on the unique patented 2 Way Games, starting with 2 Way Words. Have a look at these 6 amazing videos! –


Family sat around a table playing Jask


What inspires you to make games and do you have any rules when making games?

It all started with JASK which is the brainchild of Shaun Delaney, who has nurtured and improved on the original game concept, after developing it for his three wonderful daughters. The girl’s inspiration and motivation in the years to date has been the driving force for JASK to be brought to the market. Its name is derived from their names; Justine, Abby and Kerry, and of course, Shaun’s.

JASK evolved from rain-affected holidays to Devon and Cornwall in the early 2000’s. Shaun set about keeping the girls amused, while at the same time trying to broaden their knowledge. Horrified at certain gaps in their education, he developed a way of mixing general trivia with more meaningful questions. The girls demanded ‘Our quiz must be turned into a game’. This Shaun did by inventing a board with letters printed on each square. He then formulated the strategy side of the game, which in turn increased the competitive, educational and fun element.

JASK led to increased debate and discussions about varied subjects. As with any intellectual game a child’s/teenager’s capacity for learning and thought process is boundless. These processes are superbly demonstrated and answered by playing JASK.


Two men shaking hands and looking at the camera


What do you have coming up and out in the future?

2 Way Games will be taking, most of SJD’s time in the coming months. With 2 Way Words being launched at the moment, and in the next week / months the emergence of ‘Shapes’, ‘Animals’, ‘Flags’, ‘Numbers’ and ‘Arrows’, will all be hitting the market in time for the Christmas rush.

The two main games Words and Shapes (with a ‘Battlegrid’), will be well complimented with the Expansion Packs – Animals, Flags, numbers and Arrows. You can see the different gameplay videos for each of the 2 Way games . The beauty of these games is that once the ‘Battlegrid’ is bought with Words or Shapes, the 90 tiled Expansion Packs are then half the price, and you have a totally different game for your family or ‘Christmas day’.

In addition, SJD is play-testing 3 new exciting Expansion Pack concepts to add into this range for 2022!

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