Essen Spiel 2014 - Launching our 2015 Game Awards

This weekend Imagination Gaming is in Germany for Essen Spiel 2014. This is one of, if not 'the', largest  annual gaming convention in the world. Every year we spend four very hectic days looking for the newest and most excting games to add to our collection for use in our game events, and where possible, to make some very hard to get games available to you through our store!

Then & Now: The State Of The Hobby Games Industry - Part 2

Last week I looked at where I saw the gaming industry a couple of decades ago and how different things were then. Here, writing from my hotel room at the world's largest games convention in Essen, things have really come full circle in terms of how things are viewed and the quality of games themselves, from both a production and a playability perspective. Let’s have a look closer at this and where we might end up...