The Imagination Gaming Family & Education Awards 2015 Are Here!

This year we are proud to announce the 3rd annual, international, Imagination Gaming Family & Education Awards - with a fantastic new part of the website to match!

This is when we, as providers of table-top game based services to education and the wider UK community, get together with a specialist panel to identify more tabletop games that are not only great fun, but crucial in helping to develop key life skills.

The competition receives entries from around the world and every game submitted is also taken to show at UK Games Expo 2015 at the end of May, the UK's biggest hobby gaming show of the year...

Green Board Games

An English games distributor specialising in games and activities for children and families, the Green Board Games company produces a range of great games themselves as well as distributing the ever popular Brainbox range of games.

Porcupine Press

Jack Hanauer has only been producing games for a couple of years but his track record so far has impressed us. He has some refreshingly new ideas that make for some really interesting games. This years submission, which is not even out yet, is no exception

Eagle & Gryphon games

This American company has been in the market for many years and while their flagship games focus around rail travel not many people realise just how many fantastic family orientated games they have. Including several games that have done well in the awards before they have Incan Gold, For Sale, Gem Dealer and several others.

Esdevium Games

Esdevium are the Uk’s biggest games distributor and this year they’ve weighed in with some fabulous new titles to the awards. Whether you’re a family looking for something new or a regular gamer nerd there’s something in here for you this year!