Wild Card Games

We first met Sean Byrne at the UK Games Expo several years ago. He came along to help out and brought his Mapominoes range of games. Along with his new maths game, Arithmanix, these proved really popular and he did a great job in talking people through the games. Then last year he introduced his geography game, Who Knows Where, which has a great game play mechanic that older children are loving. Similar to many classic quiz games this has however a number of twists that make it both a great game as well as an ideal activity in which to learn more about places and the world.

This year his new game is FRENZI. This is a big departure from many of their previous games and is a fast, card flipping game that utilises both observation and speed.

As well as this, Wild Card Games have also submitted Mapominoes and Ah-harr! for consideration in our classic awards, Excelled in Schools and Family Classic respectively. We have seen the benefits of using both these games in the last few years and are happy to see them in this years awards.

We are eager to get people playing this and see what they think and you too have your chance at this years UK Games Expo in our massive Family Zone at the end of May, so come along and let us know what you think!


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