Which Games Should You Play This Halloween?

It’s Halloween! While some of you may be wandering out into the darkness to frighten the living daylights out of your friends and build your sweet collection, there are others that may want a quiet night in with some spookily fun games! What better way to celebrate than having a look at some weird creature, monster-filled, ghostly games that you can play tonight? We hunted high and low and found some great games from a wide age range and ability level. Read on if you dare…

Spooky Stairs

Spooky Stairs (or it’s German name, Geistertreppe) is a fun and simple game to test your memory. A family of ghosts live at the top of the stairs, yet a group of brave children think they can make it there and tell the tale. However, it is very likely that they will eventually be consumed by a ghost... and you being the player must remember where your piece is!

There is a cool magnetic piece on the top of these courageous so-and-so’s, and another inside the ghost. Your playing piece will disappear and you’ll need to remember where it is for the rest of the game! Who will be the winner? 

City of Zombies/Times Square

This game and it’s expansion, Times Square, are brilliant maths games with a frightening Zombie theme. A horde of Zombies have attacked and only the quickest mathematicians will survive. Take out each Zombie at a time by using different maths strategies and special items, but beware… the longer you wait, the more Zombies will appear!

Times Square works in a similar way, but really helps you to brush up on your times tables. It won a Bronze Award for Best Maths Game in this year's Imagination Gaming Family and Education Awards! Very popular games in a number of settings, but let’s hope we never meet one of the things…

Monster Maths

Another Maths themed game which allows you to build a monster! Aimed at the younger ones, Monster Maths encourages ways of making 10, 20, 50 and 100 and by adding different amounts. The first player to build their monster from top to toe is the winner! Although, if you do win, should we be worried about your monster creating ability?!

A great little card game from Mathstraks, who seem to love a game involving magical, ‘mathical’ creatures! Do you have a favourite?

StoryCubes: Scooby Doo

Yes you heard correctly! The new addition to the StoryCubes collection is indeed Scooby Doo; just in time for Halloween. Roll the set of dice and create your own mystery. What crime will you solve? What monstrous creature is involved? You decide.

We can’t promise you a fancy Mystery Machine to go with it, but we can promise that your imagination will run wild creating your own spooky tale! How will yours end?

Keep your eyes peeled for more information...

Do you have a favourite game to play at Halloween that we've not mentioned? Or perhaps you've had a great experience with one of our games mentioned? Let us know!