St. Mary's, Edlington, Inter-School Tournament

In our busiest period of games days and events yet, we find ourselves with another 3 separate inter-school tournaments in just a 2 week period! Today's Imagination Gaming inter-school games tournament was at St. Mary's Primary School in Doncaster.

We had 5 teams of children from Years 5 and 6 competing for supremacy in another original selection of games... never the same twice. This time we had a couple of Imagination Gaming classics in Gamewright's Zeus On The Loose and Botswana (now republished as Wildlife Safari), and 3 games from the last 12 months in Ubongo from Thames and Kosmos, as well as Haba's Spookies and Tiny Park...

The games used covered a range of mathematical skills including numeracy, shape handling, probability and of course plenty of strategy and forward thinking needed too. The morning focused on playing and learning a range of games, ready for a much more competitive and concentrated afternoon's challenges.

The stand out thing to notice about todays activity, and it's always the case with our tournaments, was the way the children mixed and created their own wonderful atmosphere. Whilst helping each other to learn the games, knowing they were going to be trying to steal points of each other later in the day, the determination to succeed fairly was clearly evident without ever being divisive, highlighting the benefits of promoting positive competition.

They also remained incredibly focused... ALL DAY!

It's amazing to see how they have remained on task all day!

Tom, Supervising Teacher for the tournament


As always there were trophies available for both the team that amassed the most points from their games, as well as the highest individual points scorer of the day, and also certificates for everyone involved to recognise their achievements.


So who won?!!!

Well you can see all the teams further below... Hype, Orange FIJJ, Idiots and Sarcasm, Cheeky Chimps and Fairy Tail! The overall winners were The Cheeky Chimps from Warmsworth School, (pictured at the top), and their player Jake (pictured below) stole the individual honours too. Especially impressive as this was their first experience of Imagination Gaming!


The Teams!



A good thing to note!

We were introduced to St. Marys by a teacher who had joined the school from another school we had previously worked with, proof that recommendation and word of mouth really are the best form of advertising! So impressed by the originality and impact of Imagination Gaming, he made sure to invite us to his next school. We initially started with a games day introducing the school to a variety of games that they could keep and use to support and develop curriculum and social skills in a number of ways... and from there to hosting their own inter-school tournament. Wow!

Don't wait for someone else to tell you about Imagination Gaming, get in touch now and let's see how we can help you too!