Showcase Series: Zvata Studios


As part of our 'Showcase Series', we are highlighting games companies large and small with a few quick questions to discover more about their conception, evolution, inspirations and aspirations. From the largest multi-national companies to indie games makers and even individual new-comers, we're happy to shine a light on a variety of views of the gaming industry and experiences for those at all points on the gaming ladder!

Today - ... Zvata Studios, with their games, Wizards of Aeydor, Run Shark Run, Lockout Monster and Dragonville (see end of article) in the 2021 Imagination Gaming Games of the Years awards!



Tell us briefly the background of your company?

Zvata Studios was founded in 2018 by a passionate board game loving couple who felt that there is a huge need for innovative and experiential board games in India. We create board games of varying complexity and for all age groups so that there is something perfect for everyone.


What inspires you to make games and do you have any rules when making games?

Oh so many things! Board games have the power to get a group of people, young and old, together and away from screens. How many other things can we truly say that about? We also love the fact that for kids, strategy board games are great for early childhood development and for adults, they can be the perfect stress busters and ice-breakers.

One unwritten rule that we follow is making sure that our board games are completely different than anything we have seen or played before. We love playing board games of all sorts, so our biggest challenge is to not let the board games we love influence the games we create so that all our board games are completely fresh.


What do you have coming up and out in the future?

We just launched four new games, two for young children aged 5-13, one for 7+, and one for adults 14+. We are planning to take our existing games global this year. We also have a couple of ideas that we are currently working on as far as game design is concerned. Our games are being very well received, so we are excited about what the future holds for us.


Submitted by: Nivas Ranjan Bose - Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Zvata Studios Pvt. Ltd.




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Wizards of Aeydor