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Capital Gains Studio

As part of our 'Showcase Series', we are highlighting games companies large and small with a few quick questions to discover more about their conception, evolution, inspirations and aspirations. From the largest multi-national companies to indie games makers and even individual new-comers, we're happy to shine a light on a variety of views of the gaming industry and experiences for those at all points on the gaming ladder!

Today - Capital Gains Studio...


Tell us briefly the background of your company.

Capital Gains Studio is a Singapore based tabletop publisher on a mission to inspire financial learning through tabletop games. We have launched Wongamania: Banana Economy, Debtzilla and Cryptocurrency, which have been nominated and won international awards for its value in financial education. We are also Singapore’s leading tabletop consultation company in serious game gamification and has worked with government agencies, corporations and individuals to design and publish tabletop games to help train and engage their employees, clients and community. We have also launched Mercat games, which publishes light, affordable family games with strong Asian themes relatable to Singaporeans.


Tell us what inspires you to make games and do you have any rules when making games?

We feel that financial literacy is one of the most important aspect of any adult life and we find that there are very few games that are able to translate the complex financial concepts into fun and educational tabletop games. There are some finance related tabletop games but we feel that the mechanics of the game loosely reflects the real world workings and the theme is tacked onto these mechanics for flavour, so we thought we can do better in this area. This created our philosophy of incorporating real world financial mechanics into the tabletop mechanics and try to make it emulate reality as much as possible while maintaining the elegance of modern boardgame design. Of course the real world mechanics are often too complex to be incorporated into family weight board games which  features much simpler game mechanics, hence we always try to challenge ourselves to simplify a complex financial topic into a light to medium weight game. Doing so means it takes us much more time to develop each game with simplicity, education and entertainment in mind as compared to an average tabletop game designed for entertainment but what kept us going are the positive feedbacks from families and educators telling us how we have made a difference in their lives!


What do you have coming up and out in the future?

We recently successfully crowdfunded our next game, “Dirty Money” a game which explores the world of money laundering, which is currently a huge topic among the financial institutions which is expected to be launched in Q1 of 2021. The next game we are working on is a game call “Zombielife Insurance” where we are explore the world of insurance products, where you play as a salary man trying to manage your financial risk of turning into a zombie and deciding the types of insurance and investment to buy and how to leave a legacy behind for your family should you turn into zombie.


Submitted by Jaslyn Lim

Capital Gains Studio 



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