An Interview With... Jouni Jussila - Playmore Games

An Interview With... Jouni Jussila - Playmore Games

Race to the North Pole was a big hit last year; a game that brought the gaming experience to a very different level. We caught up with Jouni Jussila from Playmore Games as he discusses his favourite games and the exciting new way of playing - without the need for a rule book!

1. Give us a bit of an insight to your company. How long have you been producing/distributing/designing games?

Playmore Games was founded in 2014 by two guys from Finland, Jouni and Tomi. Both of us have always been making board and video games since we were kids but we never went through the effort to get something actually published. That changed in 2015 when our first game Race to the North Pole was published at Spiel. Due to the success of the innovative game an improved second edition was published in 2016. The game remained the same but we were able to improve the component quality.

From now on we are concentrating on Dized, a smart device application that will allow people to play a new game immediately skipping the rulebook completely!

2. What or who inspired you to start your gaming journey and why?

The fantastic board and video games we played as kids, such as Heroquest, Space Crusade, Dungeons and Dragons and of course those legendary Lucasarts adventure games such as Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion!

3. What games do you have available for us to play today?

Race to the North Pole! An exiting racing game where players compete for the title of the conqueror of the North Pole. Players have to keep an eye on each other and meanwhile try to deal with the constant storms, which are simulated by the very cool rotating board.

4. How did you get the ideas for your games?

Inspiration can strike whenever. The original idea for Race to the North Pole was "a rotating Chess board". That idea happened in January 2014 at Global Game Jam event. After the event we developed the idea further and created Race to the North Pole.

5. What games do you play and which game is your all time favourite?

I'm a very casual player. Race to the North Pole is a very good example of a game like that. It's easy to play but there's a good amount of depth and strategy to keep the game interesting. I like Pandemic, especially the Reign of Cthulhu version. On the more complex side I really like XCOM: The Board Game and have probably played that more than anything else in the past year. All time favorite is difficult, but a very classic board game would be Heroquest and out of video games Monkey Island or System Shock II.

6. What can we expect to see from you in the future?

You will see rulebooks slowly disappearing from board games. Our app Dized is the friend at the table to will walk players through the game so that play starts immediately without using a rulebook! Dized is already out as a soft launch version and the next game on it will be Bang!

Development of Dized will take a couple of years of my time but I assume I go back into creating board games after that. I already have fantastic prototypes for exciting games.

7. And finally...any words of wisdom/advice to new and old gamers?

It's all in the company name: Playmore Games! 

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