Creature College - Game of the Week

Creature College - Game of the Week

Imagine being educated in a very different way to what you’re used to; a place where weird creatures roam and battles commence. You are a student in Creature College and you want that Creature Cup more than anything else! There are ways to get there, missions to complete and labs to build so what are you waiting for? You need to be ahead of schedule!

Creature College is the ultimate family game created by Happy Otter Games, which is easy to pick up and exciting to play. The game is suitable for ages 8 and up for 2 to 6 players, and a game will take you approximately 45 minutes to get through after the set up. I’m sure you’ll all agree that it simply looks fantastic; the amazing artwork throughout the game by the very talented Mike Legan really sets it’s look apart from the rest and the contents inside the box don’t disappoint either!

A game with a surprising amount of depth hidden beneath a monster-covered exterior. Ideal for families with eager young gamers.

- Nigel Scarfe, Imagination Gaming 

Inside the box, you’ll find a variety of colourful counters, tokens, dice and cards, which all work together to make this game brilliantly unique. Before the game is started, you chose a game board and character along with the correct coloured player pieces and bidding tokens. You then chose a Secret Mission and an Abilities card from a set of three which are placed in the correct places on the board. Creature cards are split between the three different terms in Creature College; Autumn, Winter and Spring and finally, battle cards (which are VERY useful in battles), Element Track Research, Gem Research and Victory Point cards are placed within arm's reach. So, the Autumn Term is here at Creature what? Bidding and battling of course!

It's a heck of a lot of fun, the artwork is beautiful!

- Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos

To succeed in Creature College, you need to collect the most victory points.These Victory points can be collected in a number of ways; collecting creatures of different elements for your secret mission, building your five research lab stations, obtaining Victory Point cards or winning battle gems when fighting your opponents! At Creature College, there are 3 bidding rounds in each term, where you bid (and be very careful about this…) for the creatures you need. But beware; your opponents can outbid you, and you’ll have to transfer your bid to another creature! After the bidding rounds comes the battle round, where you put your creatures to the test against your opponents! Oh, we almost forgot; watch out for Kevin. Things could turn nasty...

When the game ends simply add up all your cards containing victory points and battle gems to find out who has the biggest score. This player is crowned the winner and has obtained the Creature College Cup!

Happy Otter Games have created a very informative gameplay video for Creature College! Click here to view.

It (Creature College) just has a lot going for it so that it's going to be very accessible to casual gamers, hardcore gamers and families who just want a good time but want something with more depth and strategy than your typical mass market family weight games.

- Nick Meenachan, Board Game Brawl

Creature College instantly appealed to us. It’s a great game to play for a wide range of gamers; perfect for families with enough depth and strategy to keep even the bigger gamers satisfied. Bidding the most appropriate token and risking your creatures in battle are just some of the challenges you’ll face and decisions you’ll need to make.

Click here to purchase the fantastic Creature College now at an amazing £19.99!