The BIGGY - Unlock!

Unlock! - BIGGY

The Imagination Gaming Family and Educational Game Awards are over for another year, (where does the time go?!) but we were VERY pleasantly surprised with the huge amount of game submissions from companies all over the world. The team, as well as the fantastic judging panel, worked and played hard to judge the variety of games we received. There was one particular award however, that really took some thought...

The BIGGY (The Best Imagination Gaming Game of the Year) Award is a brand new award we created for this year. Only one game won this award - one that knocked our socks off and was very different to what we usually see today.



Unlock! is a series of cooperative card based escape adventures from Space Cowboys. (Think a gamer version of an Escape Room!) Each game consists of sixty cards depicting objects, maps and puzzles that can be activated, solved or combined in an effort to access other cards and areas. As the game progresses, you can use the handy companion app which you can download onto a device. This enables you to track the time allotted for your adventure while also offering hints and tips incase you really get stuck...


Throughout the game, you'll 'unlock' different cards and solve a variety of puzzles. These cards will feature hidden objects and clues in the form of numbers or illustrations. Be sure to look everywhere (and we mean everywhere) for these, as they could be hidden in any corner! Finding these is essential to progress through the game. 

When you make your way to the end and enter the final code to 'escape', you'll be given a final score. The score will depend on how many hints and hidden objects you needed help with and how long it took you to get the end of the adventure. The more you play the game, the quicker you'll be able to spot those clues and improve your time.

With three unique stories and puzzles to explore and the challenge of achieving a five-star score, you'll always have a mystery to solve and a clock to beat with Unlock!

The game is completely different to anything we've used before and it has definitely been a huge hit at our events and at our tournaments at the UK Games Expo! We'll be continuing to use these adventures in the future - if you want us to demostrate it for you at any of our events, get in touch with us!