12 Days of Gaming - Kingdomino

12 Days of Gaming - Kingdomino

This one has proved very popular at recent events and it's one we really love too. Kingdomino is a different take on a classic game of Dominoes; this time, you're a Lord seeking and joining new lands! Your aim is to connect your dominoes to build your kingdom in such a way that you gain the most points at the end of the game.

Kingdomino is suitable for ages 8 and up and for 2 to 4 players. The basic game will take around 15 minutes, but the variation of the game will take a little longer; a quest to build and even bigger and more impressive kingdom!

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The box contains a castle for each player, 4 starting tiles, 8 wooden king tokens and 48 dominoes. These dominoes are double sided; one side holds a different area of land which include wheat fields, lakes and mountains, while the other side holds a number which we'll get onto shortly. The game works very cleverly and incorporates some strategy alongside some basic math skills, and this is what you'll work out as you play!

To set up the game, each player needs to gather their wooden tokens and castle, and dominoes are placed numbered side up and in ascending order. Players' tokens are shuffled to determine play order and dominoes are then flipped to show their landscape. Now the task is on; can you build a 5x5 grid and ensure your kingdom is the most successful?

Players take it in turns to choose dominoes to add to their kingdom to build their grid. On some domino pieces, you may find crown images which are great to go for; these gain you more points! Here's where there's a sneaky bit of maths involved. When you have a collection of a certain section of land AND you have a certain number of crowns on these parts, these numbers are multiplied together to boost your score. The more crowns you collect, the bigger your final point score will be at the end.

It's a great game to teach new players and the rules can be taught in a matter of minutes.

- Tabletop Together review

When you've mastered the basic game by creating a 5x5 grid, why not challenge yourself to a more advanced variation? For this game, build a 7x7 grid and create a bigger and better kingdom! Other rules you may wish to include in your game are:

  • Dynasty: 3 rounds are played and the winner is the player with the highest score at the end.
  • The Middle Kingdom: if your castle is in the centre, score 10 additional points!
  • Harmony: 5 extra points if your grid is complete.

Kingdomino is a great game and very easy to pick up. The rules are simple and enable players to use tactical choices to succeed. Use strategy and observation to build the greatest kingdom and gain the most points!

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