12 Days of Gaming 2016 - The Story So Far!

12 Days of Gaming

We've had an amazing few weeks for our 12 Days of Gaming promotion and have so far seen a great selection of new and exclusive games! We'd hate you to miss out on these games, so here's a quick look back. Here you'll find links to our overviews and how you can purchase.

It doesn't stop there... we have LOADS more new and exciting games to share with you over the next few weeks so keep a look out!

Creature College - Happy Otter Games

In Creature College, you take the place of a super brainy kid acquiring and battling with incredible creatures to win the prodigious Creature College Cup. 

Bid for your creatures, develop your research lab, fight epic battles and complete your secret mission to thwart your enemies and be victorious!

Read our Creature College overview or you can purchase the game from our online store.

KIX: The Football Card Game - IT Games

KIX is a fun, simple to learn and quick to play tactical two player football card game. 

Master the easy and quick 5-a-side game first then move on to the full 11-a-side game by adding a few more rules to make the game play and feel more like football. Half time, corners, tactical substitutions and penalties all feature in this end to end football card game!

Read our KIX overview or you can purchase the game from our online store.

Baby Blues - Jumping Turtle Games

Every player runs a day care centre with five little babies. Your only task is to keep all babies happy, but this isn't easy.

The other players will do everything in their power to make your babies cry. Dirty diapers, stolen pacifiers and destroyed baby mobiles are just some of the challenges you will face.

A game we don't advise you to play if you have the... Baby Blues!

Read our Baby Blues overview or you can purchase the game from our online store.

Baby Clues - Jumping Turtle Games

When the lights switched back on, the prized milk collection was gone. The suspects are a bunch of incognito babies that try to sneak them out of the mansion.

Can you expose your opponent's secret identity and hide yours?

Retrieve 5 milk bottles and win the game!

Read our Baby Clues overview or you can purchase the game from our online store.

Race to the North Pole - Playmore Games

It's the dawn of the 20th century and North Pole, one of the final frontiers, is yet to be conquered by man. Your adventure begins as your expedition arrives on the frozen shores of the Arctic. You will have to adjust to the constant storms and survive competitors' tricks to be remembered as the conqueror of the North Pole.

So gear up, you have an unforgettable journey ahead of you!

Read our Race to the North Pole overview or you can purchase the game from our online store.

WordStacker - Ingenium Games

A word-wrangling game of high stacks and sabotage! Play anywhere, set up quicky and start stacking!

Create new words every time you play, win points and stack your way to victory. But beware, you may get sabotaged by your opponents because anyone can win this game of strategy and wordplay. Exciting, absorbing and infinitely replayable!

Read our WordStacker overview or you can purchase the game from our online store.

Glimpse - Legend Express

The fun, family game of friendship!

Two teams compete to make friends through acting, miming, singing, dancing, describing and generally being silly!

Read our Glimpse overview or you can purchase the game from our online store.

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