12 Days of Gaming 2016 - Brix

12 Days of Gaming - Brix

Brix is a fantastic variation of a classic game of O's and X's or four in a row! Although playing against each other to win, players cooperatively build a wall using the bricks of their colour and shape. The player who is the first to successfully align four of their symbol or colour in a row is the winner!

A quick 10 minute game for ages 7 and up, this one is for 2 players only. Think strategically... can you beat your opponent and become the first to claim the wall?

The bricks used in the game look fantastic. They're a great size to hold for precise and impressive wall building; each brick includes 2 different colours and the 2 different symbols...not your average game of O's and X's! Inside the box there are 22 bricks, but beware; each brick contains both colours and symbols, so any brick you place could help your opponent to win the game if you're not careful!

There are a number of different variations of the game that mix things up a bit, which is a great way to get more creative with the classic game. The start a game, all bricks are placed in the centre of the players within arms reach. Players take it in turns and stack a single brick at a time to slowly build a wall and get four in a row!

The classic game, which is recommended for the newbies involves what you'd expect; each player chooses either O's or X's and attempts to get four of their symbol in a row to win the game, whilst their opponent tries to block their path and create their own four in a row. The game also suggests 2 variations of this:

  • Connecting colours - this is another way to try the game if you're a beginner; instead of connecting shape, why not try colour? This could be a way to totally throw your opponent of course...or maybe yourself! Concentration is key for this one.
  • Connecting symbols vs connecting colours: this variation is definitely for the more advanced. One player uses symbols and the other player uses colour to try and get their four in a row. A lot more thought is needed to get through this one!

Brix is an exciting and appealing variation of a classic game, which will definitely be of interest to wide range of gamers both new and old! A great one for observation, concentration and to even improve hand-eye coordination. 

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