About Us

What is Imagination Gaming all about?

Imagination Gaming offers solutions to engagement and learning in educational and social organisations - for all ages and abilities, focusing on enjoyment and learning in equal measure.

So whether you want to raise attainment in school, bring a community together or just put on a good show - we will get results. The best bit? It’s fun for everyone involved.

Founded in 2007 our goal is to continue to change the perception of games within the UK to one where they are seen and used as the great learning tools that they are. We want to see games used on a regular basis in schools and other organisations, as well as by families and groups, to bring people together and provide a stimulating mental challenge across all ages and abilities. Our results and testimonials speak for themselves.

Our History:

Set up because of personal experience in the benefits they bring (you can read about this in NIgel's biography here), we initially set out working in local schools through a network of contacts that identified with our ideals and messages. This has, over the last seven years, developed into working across the country in a range of sectors as the results of our ethos and methods have become more understood.

Our journey to date includes mainstream schools through to special educational needs establishments, into prisons, libraries and old peoples homes. Working with council run events, private institutions, holiday programmes, training days and a range of activities, events and workshops. Our Growth over the last 5 years has allowed us to implement and run the highly popular Family Zone at the UK Games Expo - the largest event of it's kind in the UK that continues to provide a first hand demonstration of the benefits of gaming alongside our own family & educational game awards (as judged by parents and teachers), that showcase the most suitable games to the wider audience they deserve. 

Our ethos:

Our ethos is all about learning and challenge through fun and play. Its about rising to the challenges that games bring and not shying away from the difficult decisions, learning that sometimes we lose and sometimes we win. Its about learning to enjoy and relish the company of others over the course of game, understanding and respecting their opinions and decisions and most importantly its about keeping on playing games well beyond your school years and enjoying them into your later years.

When working anywhere we always aim to be there early and be the last to leave. One of the biggest benefits of doing what we do is it's great fun for us! It's hard work but we are rarely without a smile on our faces. No matter who comes to do the work your will be greeted with a big smile, a bucket full of energy and a reassuring confidence that the activity or workshop will be a big success, no matter where we run it, or who it's for.

the number of times we've stayed late in order to chat with a teacher or parent about how to use games in order to solve a problem they are facing with their child are too many to count.

We are always looking to hear feedback and stories about our sessions or games in general and the number of times we've stayed late in order to chat with a teacher or parent about how to use games in order to solve a problem they are facing with their child are too many to count.

We know the effect that structured games can have and we want others to share in that experience. We have many families join us on regular occasions at either libraries or our family days at the IQ Games Center and never tire seeing them or joining in a new game with them. We are always looking - across the world - for the newest and most exciting games to bring back and show to others. We travel to Essen in Germany each year to the worlds premier game fair looking for the game that will help a teacher enthuse their subject. 

All this is made easier as we love what we do, and it shows.

We know we can make a difference to your audience so give us a call and lets us show you how!