SCC Fostering Fun Day 2019

SCC Fostering Fun Day 2019

A variety of board games and card games displayed on a table

What a super day we had with the amazing Sheffield City Council Fostering team at their annual ‘Fostering Fun Day’. Fun was certainly the right word for the day and events like this just help to show why we have one of the best jobs in the world! We brought our massive selection of exciting games for children (and grown ups) to get their brains working on and we were flanked by lots of other wonderful activities and providers.  There was the smoothie bike – pedal your way to deliciousness, a balloon modeller who made some genius creations including a flying Tinkerbell, nail painting, face painting, t-shirt designing and cupcake decorating – almost too pretty to eat (we did say almost!).


Rhino Hero Game box with the game set up in front of it


Our games table was full all day with players enjoying the selection. Younger players were inspired by the smoothies we think and loved My First Orchard from HABA. Clack! Was loads of fun too – a magnetic race to collect matching tiles that stick together from Amigo and VR Distribution. Older children were loving Matchify Original from Pikykwiky, trying to find two pictures on the cards that were linked together like a tent and a campfire… Say Whaat? From Drawlab was also very popular and had us ranking everyday things in order of how important they are to us; how would you rank Socks, Email, Scientists and Apples? Obviously it has to be Socks…..


Game cards with fruit playing pieces


Old favourites included:

Who Did It? From Asmodee UK, the game of passing the blame (and clean up!) of your pets little misdemeanours onto someone else – It was not my Parrot!! Katamino from Gigamic, the shape fitting puzzle of puzzles with its gloriously tactile wooden blocks and Rhino Hero Super Battle from HABA, the most super tall, super tower building, superhero climbing, super battle game of all!

All in all we had a wonderful day of fun, crafting, meeting friends and playing games.  Fostering is certainly fun especially when Sheffield City Council Fostering team are running an event. Well done all and thank you for having us!

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