Another Year In The Game!

Another Year In The Game!

Image of adults and children playing card game with overlaid text reading "2019 - how many players?!!!"

Our end of year report card is in… and it’s A*’s all round for Imagination Gaming!


It’s been another record-breaking year here at Imagination Gaming.  This year we have challenged, engaged and most definitely had lots of board game fun with over 70,000 Shining Stars …. WOW..


Four children with certificates standing with member of Imagination Gaming staff


So as another year crosses the finish line and we reflect on our success in 2018/19 what is it that is driving that increase in interactions year on year?  No day is ever the same in Imagination Gaming’s world, what we can and do deliver changes daily but what always stays the same is our unwavering passion that games should be used in schools to enhance the curriculum and make learning fun and accessible to all.  This passion ensures we continue to grow at a rapid pace with new staff, new schools and new events filling up our calendar for 2019 and beyond.


“The children are becoming more resilient…”

Jodie Palmer, Y2 Teacher, Stocksbridge NI School, Sheffield


Our ongoing partnership with game companies has helped some schools who are feeling the budget cuts to participate in learning activities with us.  These days are valuable to the game companies and to schools in equal amounts and the uptake of these free days by schools and the willingness of the companies to fund more supports our “Lean to Play…Play to learn” ethos.


children and adults playing games in school


One Hundred and Thirty (yes 130!) Games were submitted to be judged by us and our panel at our Internationally Acclaimed Imagination Gaming Game Awards this year, another incredible accolade for us. Through play testing with families, children and teachers these awards are a true independent mark of how well received a game is by its intended audience.  This number means we now have new themes, ideas and games from companies old and new to take with us when we engage with our bright sparks, ensuring we have the best range of games available for our all our customers.

On a national basis we continue to expand into more schools, more MATs, and more regions, with work in both Scotland and Ireland upcoming.  There is also more demand for our ongoing services from schools who have tried our stand-alone days and want/need more support for their students in terms of the curriculum and wider work to support learners develop their own character – including their resilience, confidence and independence.


“… they are especially skilled at working with those outside the mainstream”

Sian Lang, LSA, Grove House School Essex, S.E.N. 8 – 16 years


Internationally we have had interest from several more countries in starting Imagination Gaming in their territories.  To maintain this interest and establish collaborations we continue to book events as public speakers; discussing and imparting the importance of what we do to those who interact with us and we in turn are always fascinated by understanding how schools’ function in other countries and the different ways they look to engage young people.


Imagination Gaming at a games expo event


Looking forward to 2019/20 we are hoping to have a presence at more of the major social events that happen across the UK.  We plan to continue increasing the number of smaller events and activities that happen too, e.g. local fairs, old people’s homes, youth group events and other social gatherings that would like to engage its members. The number of different events/days that we now offer means that no matter what the age, ability or subject, we have something to offer.


“Visitors of all ages were engaged with a variety of games… … a lot of fun was had by all!”

Clare Harris, Charity Manager, Emily Harris Foundation


In Summary 2018/19 has indeed been record breaking, we are expanding our team, growing our interactions and games to play.  Going into 2019/20 we are more eager and excited than ever. Imagine what the next 12 months will bring when you Learn to Play then Play to Learn….

Certificates All Round!

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