New Games from Big Potato!

New Games from Big Potato!

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Our friends at Big Potato had a chat with us a couple of months ago and showed us a few of their new games. They were also very kind and sent us a few so we can show you just how good they are! We’ve already awarded The Chameleon a Family Silver Award in this year’s Imagination Gaming Awards, so let’s see what else they’ve got up their sleeve….


Qwordie is a cute little word game and what makes it even better is the platypus! The game is a quiz and word game blended into one. You use your letter tiles in the game to build the answers to simple quiz questions. Steal tiles, block your opponents and race to the finish line! We love this quick to play and easy to learn gem!


Qwordie Game box


OK Play

According to Big Potato, ‘OK is the world’s most understood word, so makes the perfect name for the world’s easiest to understand game’ and we couldn’t agree more! We think this game is a little bit like Connect 4 in the way that it plays, only that it’s played on a flat surface instead! All you need to do to play is to choose a colour stack and proceed to put down tiles to try and get a line of 5 before your opponent does. That’s all there is to it – a great and easy to play game, but you need a bit of strategy to win.


OK Play game box


Rainbow Rage

This angry rainbow is in a mixed up mess and its your job to fix it! In Rainbow Rage, you really have to observe the colours of the rainbow carefully. You flip a card which will reveal a rainbow image with something not quite right…your job is to be the first to grab the colours that have switched places, so having a good knowledge of the colours of the rainbow may help you in this one! Watch out for traps, but observe carefully and you’ll be victorious!


Rainbow Rage Game


Colour Brain

Here’s super new one which we really like! Do you know your colours? Probably. But do you know colours of things/object just from a few words? As simple as it seems, it can get a little tricky! In this game, you start will 11 colour cards and you have to choose the right colour to answer the questions. To get more points, you need to hope and pray the other players get the answer wrong. You really need to get your brain in gear for this one, but a great mental challenge!


Colour Brain game box

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