New from John Adams!

New from John Adams!

Linkee game box with playing cards

Over the last few weeks, we’ve begun to use a range of games from John Adams, a company who stocks a huge range of fun family games as well as science and craft kits! Here, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites for you to feast your eyes on… you may have even spotted these games if you’ve been to our events recently! Which have you tried



This one is a super simple, shouty-outy quiz game. It’s nice and easy in the fact that it only takes 2 minutes to learn, but it’s one of those games that you can enjoy for hours on end with a high replayability factor! The game is played by simply answering the four questions on a card and spotting the link between the answers faster than the other teams. When you’re the first to get an answer correct you win a letter, and the first to spell ‘Linkee’ is the winner of the game!

Linkee game box and playing cards


If you prefer games that really make you think, then this is the one for you. Othello takes a minute to learn but mastering it isn’t as easy! With abstract strategy and a little bit of luck, you can beat your friends and impress new ones! To play the game, you trap and capture your opponent by placing your disks on the board. “Sandwich” at least one of your opponents pieces to turn their disk to your colour. However, look out…your opponent will try to do the same to you! The lead can change with the flip of a disk!

Othello game box


Think Words

This one is a fast paced category word game that challenges players to think quickly! The way you play this one is simple. You choose a category card and press the timer to start. The first player has ten seconds to say a word matching the category, press the correct letter on the wheel and reset the time for the next player. The game will get more and more difficult as the letters get used and the pressure will mount! If you can’t think of a word, then your out. A really good game to get your brain into gear and for helping with vocabulary too!


Think Words game box


Rubik’s Race

Based on the good old fashioned Rubik’s Cube, here is Rubik’s Race! This one is the ultimate face to face challenge and it’s pretty simple to get your head around (although it might take a while to solve!) Each player slides their tiles trying to recreate the Rubik’s pattern and to be the first to drop the divider frame on their completed side of the board. This one may take a bit of patience, but as with the original Rubik’s cube, it’ll be very satisfying when completed!


Rubiks Race game box


There are many more fabulous John Adams games that we’ll be using more of over the coming weeks, so keep a look out! Which of these great games have you tried so far?

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