Can Playing Board Games Boost Communication in Children?

Can Playing Board Games Boost Communication in Children?

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The answer is simply…yes.

Although that wouldn’t be the longest article in the world! Each and every child is completely different to the next, and this won’t suddenly change any time soon. The ‘nature/nurture debate’ has often cropped up in conversations, in that it is either the way of the world or the way a child is brought up by their parents which determines the way they are. The way they act. Their confidence levels. The list is endless.


There are countless features that are cleverly incorporated into a board game, which enhance and develop a number of skills, essential for children to grow. Communication is one of those things that just simply gets better with time, and the earlier children can become confident enough to talk and say how they’re feeling, the better. So, how can board games boost communication in children?


Teamwork and Turn-Taking

A lot of board games out there today require the use of teamwork, whether this be building something, working together to solve a puzzle, or simply playing your turn to complete a game. Most games need more than one person to play and this is very beneficial for children! Finding a game which requires children to work together encourages speech, even if it is simply a statement such as, ‘Put this piece here!’ or ‘I think this is the next move we should take.’ Working together is a fantastic skill, and is definitely needed no matter how old you are. Allowing your peers to take turns and to get into the swing of declaring who’s turn it is in the game is definitely a big one. If we didn’t talk about turn-taking or didn’t put it into practice, games would be a mess and no one would want to play because of how hectic it would be! Imagine the quiet child following the game and working out who takes the next turn. A really simple factor but one that really makes a difference.


Problem Solving and Decision Making

Something that we will use every day for the rest of our lives, but how great would it be if we had a head start as children? Every single time you get out of bed you make a decision and every single day you solve a problem, whether that’s alone or with someone else. The same goes with board games. Your next move is a decision you need to make, to determine the next step in the game. You may need to work together or alone to solve a problem or a puzzle, perhaps giving other people instructions or receiving them. Communication is essential and thankfully, most games require this to complete them successfully.



Imagine being involved in a game about a subject or topic that you love. You want everyone to know how much you know about it, and you constantly babble on about what you know – we’ve all done it! This is a great way to get children talking about a game or just a topic of their choice. Knowing a child well is key. If you can find an ideal game that suits the child well, and is related to something a child is passionate about, then it’s a great way to spark communication and to get the speech flowing.


Role-playing and Description

Have you ever sat and watched a child or group of children in their own little world? Some even put on that amazing American accent to get into their character in a game they’re playing! Story based games in particular are a fun way to get communicating, and our sessions have been a great example of this. We’ve worked with a number of SEN children and young adults, and encouraging speaking and listening in such a fun way really makes all the difference.


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