Welcome To The New Website!

Welcome To The New Website!

Welcome to the brand spanking new Imagination Gaming website.

As much as we loved the previous website, we knew we wanted to give you more, and this how we will be able to do it. I’m actually excited just talking about it, there’s plenty of changes, and hopefully you’ll see why… let us explain!

We – the Imagination Gaming team – are passionate about what we do and if you know us already I’m sure you’ll be nodding your heads in agreement, at least I hope so. If this is your first time you’ve come across us we hope you will be inspired to investigate further. Those that do tell us it’s worth it.

So why the new website? Well, you may have noticed a new logo. The old ‘thought bubble’ logo was great and always got fantastic feedback, so changing was a big decision, but we had our reasons. As Imagination Gaming has grown year after year, so has our partner venue the iQ Games Centre, and it is time that you experienced the power of both to offer a united and more comprehensive service. Both companies were set up by the same people, with the same ideas and ethos, but to serve two very different areas of the gaming world. By combining both it essentially gives each brand the resources and experience of two established companies to vastly improve similar services and more importantly the opportunity to focus even more clearly on each distinct area of expertise. That’s the plan anyway and it seems to be working well so far!

So – we are still Imagination Gaming – just even moreso!

Imagination Gaming is focused on delivering the best experience in learning through games for educators nationwide, and the website as you see it now will reflect this focus.

Our Services

Building on the success of our current services for schools, and other children’s and community organisations, there will be much clearer and wider range of games days, workshops and programmes available to see. Our now considerable experience working with the entire spectrum of educational establishments has helped us identify further the most common needs of all and tailor a more comprehensive range of approaches, based no longer on what we think will work, but on what we know has and continues to work.

What About Us?

The fact is we have spent years being told it’s not them, it’s us! That is, it’s not the fantastic games we choose or the ideas we create, it’s the way in which they are delivered. The absolute key factor to the success of Imagination Gaming and the delivery of our methods and ideas are the people that do it…. us. We are confident we can engage anyone on some level, and from there, that our enthusiasm, expertise and results will inspire children and adults alike, giving them the confidence and motivation to pick up the gaming baton and carry it forward. As such we have put ourselves front and centre on the home page for you to get to know.

The Blog

This is about you just as much as it is about us and games. Here you get a chance to dig a little deeper, a whole lot deeper, and react to what you might find too. This is where you will be able to learn a lot more about the vast world of Imagination Gaming and the greater gaming community. A combination of indepth articles and case studies will compliment our work as we continue to deliver projects nationwide, and we’ll be drawing further knowledge and inspiration from other experts and commentators worldwide… and hopefully from you too. There’ll also be plenty of questions posed and anecdotal content to keep it personal, hopefully interesting, and definitely ‘us’!

If you just want to observe, sit back and see what’s going on that’s fine, but we’d love to hear your comments too. Whether you agree or not with what you see, or have another perspective, let’s hear it – you will be sure to get a response. Most of what we have achieved we have learned along the way, both through having the courage of our convictions but also from listening lots and responding accordingly. This is the next step in expanding the conversation and hopefully for us all to benefit from the shared experiences along the way.

Games and The Online Store

Where’s the online shop I hear you ask?! Don’t worry it will be back, bigger and better very soon. Why the downtime? Well there are changes afoot to make your shopping experience significantly more interesting, comprehensive, functional and easy to use. All meaning you get more for your money!

Imagination Gaming has always been about what you do do with the game, rather than the game itself, and our clients in education have received them as part of us delivering something they can sustain even when we are not there. Selling the games was always a useful addition to what we did, but never a priority. We always made sure that you could get the games you wanted, and wow did you want them, but now it’s time to give you more. As our recognition, influence and popularity surges ,not just in schools but also at the myriad of public events and conventions we provide for, so does the need for a dedicated and more professional online store. As such we will be unifying the resources we already have with the bricks and mortar retail outlet, the iQ Games Centre, to bring you a significantly wider range of products but with some very clever ways for you to find exactly what you want, even if you’re not sure what it is! All of these additions coupled with out growing reputation for great service and quality games, enhances our ability to deliver more of what you expect. Something else to get excited about!

There is much more to come. We don’t see this site simply as somewhere to come once, find what you need and go. We hope that you will be able to access a regular stream of new and interesting content that you can enjoy and interact with. And it’s not just the content you’re commenting on – it’s us you are talking to. After all, that’s exactly what Imagination Gaming is all about. So this is a ‘call to arms’ to everyone that’s been to one of our activities or workshops, or anyone that feels that games are underrated as tools for learning. Let us know what you’d like us to discuss and ponder. Pose us some questions and get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and change these perceptions.

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