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I cannot recommend 'Imagination Gaming' enough and urge any school, or organisation... ...sign up...

Chris and 'Imagination Gaming' have had a positive impact on the learning, behavior and co-operation of children throughout the school. My own Y1 class now have a deeper sense of teamwork and a growing concept of how, together, problems can be overcome and goals achieved.

Chris has got to know the children and has built up a positive, professional relationship with both them and the adults in school.
I cannot recommend 'Imagination Gaming' enough and urge...

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...always delivers an incredibly fun, top-notch event which everyone really enjoys.

Kirklees Libraries have worked with Chris and Imagination Gaming on regularly over many years now and we always really look forward to these events. He always delivers an incredibly fun, top-notch event which everyone really enjoys.

Recently we've hosted some inter-school tournaments with up to 8 schools playing games together. It was so lovely to see children from different schools mixing together, laughing and playing.

We have also run family workshops at various libraries...

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Visitors of all ages were engaged with a variety of games... ...a lot of fun was had by all!

Thank to to Chris for coming along to our Family Fun Day which we held to celebrate 10 years of our charity. It was great to have Imagination Gaming there and to offer the chance for visitors to play games as part of the day. The weather wasn't too kind to us so having plenty of entertainment inside was much needed! Visitors of all ages were engaged with a variety of games and it did get quite competitive!! A lot of fun was had by all!

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...games are well chosen and thought about to develop whatever the school is aiming to improve at that time...

I've known Chris for about 8 years from when I was Deputy at a school where Chris came in to do curriculum days and after-schools with each of the classes. It was the first time that I had seen anything like this provided for schools.

Chris relates so well to children of all ages and has a real knack of teaching games quickly so that they are not spending time listening to lots of rules but getting on and playing lots of games.
In the curriculum days, all the games are...

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Staff have started using some of the games with intervention groups and our after-school games club started this week...

Thank you Chris for a great day on Friday. I got lots of positive feedback about the games.

Several members of staff have started using some of the games with intervention groups and our after-school games club started this week with an enthusiastic group of Y1 and Y2 children. Looking forward to the family of School days in June.

I did learn more things about the children...

Initially I think that many people were a little apprehensive in order to include Year 1 in the maths games. However I thought it would be good for them. It reinforces all the skills which were taught in the EYFS about turn taking, working together and problem solving.

My current Year ones are generally quite excitable with some very strong personalities who do clash. The children though are given a very clear, no nonsense run down of the rules each time and know if they didn’t follow...

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Their teamwork skills along with their language and mathematical understanding are definitely being developed under the watchful eye of Chris

Chris has been working in my class with small groups since September. The individuals within the group have a range of extremely challenging behaviour issues.  Chris has built up an excellent rapport with these children. They look forward to his sessions and are enthusiastic upon their return. He has developed their ability to take turns, accept that they are not always going to win and to follow rules within the game.  For these children these skills are quite a challenge!


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The content and class management of Chris's sessions are excellent

The children really respond to Chris’s sessions, it’s one of the highlights of their week. In them, Chris uses games, particularly maths-based games, to promote analytical thought and team-building. The content and class management of his sessions are excellent.

In addition, he also offers smaller group work, and I find this particularly beneficial, because during these sessions I can target the children to work with him, leaving me able to target other children or groups in the class...

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Flexible, conscientious and consistent, IG offer a innovative approach... ...highly regarded within the organisation

For the past 4 years IG have worked with Sheffield City Council’s Sheaf Training provision to deliver provision to learners with Education Health and Care Plans and who require support for a wide range of Special Education Needs and learning difficulties.

Initially commissioned work was targeted toward young adults who struggled with anxiety diagnoses and social skills, however we have recognised the benefits of IG sessions for others with developmental delays and challenging...

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The children LOVE imagination gaming

Staff Feedback from The Mill

The imagination gaming sessions have engaged all of the children in Year 2. They have enabled children to use knowledge and skills in maths in different contexts as well as enhancing their social skills.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the imagination gaming sessions. As a member of staff I feel they have not only had fun learning without realising, they have learnt how to play together and in teams.

The children love working with Nigel...

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All our learners especially the lower level cohort excelled within these activity days

I have used Imagination Gaming many times in the past few years. Both in the role of extended services and within the school framework.

These workshops were aimed at encouraging young people to play together and improve communication through a range of unusual board games that they may not have met before. They focus on the social and educational benefits of playing new and traditional games.

The comments from our young people both as extended activity days during the holidays...

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They are very enthusiastic, engaging and sensitive with our students

We are a specialist school provision for children aged 8 to 19 who have special educational needs relating to speech, language and communication. We have been involved with Imagination Gaming since we opened nearly three years ago. Nigel came to us in July 2016 and Chris in July 2017, to deliver a whole day of board games, and we are looking forward to welcoming Nigel back again this year.

The board games days have been a great success. Nigel and Chris liaised with us in advance to...

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They learn well and think hard...all with smiles and 100% engagement! Recommended without reservation.

Andrew Ralph, Headteacher, Greenfield Primary. 20/01/2016

I first met Nigel after he blagged his way past the office staff to have a chat about using games as a vehicle to improve thinking skills, self esteem, engagement and attainment.  I expected the usual flannel and then the price tag. However, I was very surprised when he produced several of the games and explained them and within a couple of minutes we were playing one.  I was immediately 'sold' then and remain so now...

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The focus, attitude and improvements they made were superb to see.

Nigel (Imagination Gaming) came into our year 5 class this morning with a new game to support writing, something that we find a real challenge! WOW!!!! We spent the entire morning writing.

After initially using the prompt cards to support the creation of images to help our writing, we were all eager to share how we could develop these to write amazing stories. 
Every child was able to join in at their own level.

The focus, attitude and improvements they made were...

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I would definitely recommend Imagination Gaming

What a treat we had this week.  A whole day of fun, challenging games for our Key stage 2 children.  Imagination Gaming are the perfect way to get children engaged in word games, maths puzzles, shape awareness, working as part of team and laughing along the way.

Some of our children said “It was the best day ever!” It was also lovely to see parents and grandparents playing games with their children during the after school activity.

Imagination Gaming staff were also...

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We have found Imagination Gaming to be inventive and flexible in their approach to supporting young people from a range of different backgrounds and abilities

As an Assistant Service Manager for Enrichment and Learning my rolee involves managing the Children’s University team in Sheffield and supporting enrichment and youth work projects in the city.

Sheffield Children’s University, part of Sheffield City Council, has worked with Imagination Gaming for several years as one of our accredited Learning Destinations. Nigel and Chris have provided a reliable and high quality service to young people in the city using modern board and...

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When Chris or Nigel arrive with their own brand of enthusiasm and skills we see full participation and not just for short periods.

My role is to provide a link between the care staff and the education team who organizes and arranges all extracurricular activities for the residents to take part in.

The environment the young people reside is to provide a safe, caring yet controlled environment in which young people are enabled to address personal difficulties and so move on to make positive contributions to their family and communities.

Our core objective is to enable and encourage emotional, behavioral and...

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Lots of opportunities for reasoning and problem solving.

A really enjoyable day. All of the children loved it and enjoyed each game they played. Lots of opportunities for reasoning and problem solving. Nice for the children to mix up and meet other children. Thank you.

Instructions were clear and staff very engaging...

Instructions were clear and staff were very engaging, was great for children to work with other schools.

Thoroughly enjoyable, well explained and demonstrated

Thoroughly enjoyable, well explained and demonstrated. The pupils had a fantastic day and smiled the whole time.

A fantastic day

A fantastic day! So well organised and a really enjoyable day out! I'm definitely going to push for Imagination Gaming to come into school.

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