S.E.N. 8 - 16 years

Imagination Gaming has been delivering an annual board games day for all pupils and parents in our school for children with Speech, Language and Communication needs for four years now, and we all look forward to it every year.

Nigel, Chris and Jacqui all show a great passion for board games in education, as well as an understanding of the needs of our S.E.N. pupils. They have a great rapport with the pupils and always keep them engaged and inspired. The games that they leave with us are well chosen and allow us to continue their work throughout the year. Seeing children engage in problem solving, developing social skills, and having fun working and playing together, is invaluable, and we all, staff and parents as well as children, gain a lot from our time with Imagination Gaming.

I would recommend them to any school or organisation working with young people, but they are especially skilled at working with those outside the mainstream.


Sian Lang




Grove House School