SMAT Primary Inter-School Tournament

SMAT Primary Inter-School Tournament

Groups of children playing games around tables

2019 continues to start with a bang at Imagination Gaming with yet more Inter-School Tournaments!

Following first time competitions with schools in Worksop and North of the border in Scotland, this October we have returned for our regular competition with the SMAT family of schools in Barnsley for yet another fantastic day of games.


“A fantastic day that really allowed children to shine!”

Mr. Silverwood, Headteacher, Elsecar Primary School


Our hosts this time were Royston St. John’s primary school, and their team was joined by teams from Darton Primary, West Meadows, The Mill Academy, Queens Road Academy, St. Mary’s, All Saints and Elsecar too… a fantastic 8 teams of children ready to have fun and do battle to be crowned the latest champions!

As always began the day with some fast, accessible games that would entertain and enthuse the teams as they arrived and got settled in.


Teacher and pupils playing card game


Maki Stack (above), a team game that tests your communication and coordination skills and rely’s on speed under pressure was a favourite again, as was the tricky puzzler Match Madness (below).


Pupils and staff playing Match Madness


“I liked meeting new people and I loved the game Get Packing…”

Grace, Y6, The Mill Academy


Pupils and teachers playing games at a table


Get Packing (above) was a brilliant new challenge even the adults were stumped by this one, and the ever popular Cobra Paw (below) was a hit yet again too.


Children playing a dominoes based game on a table


“Brilliant day with a great mix of different games…”

Mrs. Baker, Queens Road Academy



Another current favourite, Farm Rescue (below), proved another great cooperative challenge for the team from St. Mary’s as they tried to catch the wolf before he got to the animals!!!


Pupils and teacher playing a board game on table top


Practice time!

Once everyone was settled it was time to learn the games that would feature in the day’s tournament. All the children (and staff!) displayed fantastic listening skills as we demonstrated the games to everyone, before letting them go and practice them for themselves.

Each team worked through the four chosen games, helping their team-mates conquer the rules and then exchanging ideas and tactics as they played, with the goal of everyone on their team being as confident and ready as possible to take on the other schools come competition time.

The games of the day were, Pirate Gold, Concept Kids: Animals, Savvy and Doodle Rush, needing a mix of mathematical, communication, drawing and logic skills to succeed.


Teacher and pupils discussing how to play a board game


“I enjoyed the treasure chest game because I liked how even if you came last you would still get something to increase your points!”

Holly, Y6, All Saints Academy


Teacher and pupils playing a board game


“I enjoyed all the games, but my favourite was Concept Kids: Animals” (above)…

Elnaz, St. Mary’s


Teacher and pupils playing card game


“I liked the drawing game because it’s very fast and frantic…”

Lucy, Y6, Royston St. Johns


Then the afternoon came and it was time to compete!

All the teams were split onto different tables, each with 4 players on, all from different schools. Each group then played each of the 4 games they had learnt, this time competing for points to put towards both their individual tallys, and their overall schools score.

Even with such glory at stake, it was wonderful to see all the children competing fairly, and helping each other if necessary, to ensure an exciting and welcoming competition for all.


“I enjoyed seeing the children try out new games, support each other and interact with pupils from other schools. Great day out 🙂 “

Miss Gracie, Darton Primary



Well our first congratulations go to Isla from the hosts, Royston St. John. A fantastic 18 points from a possible 20 was enough to take the prize (but only by half a point!).

Well done Isla!


Teacher presenting pupil with trophy


Below, you can see all the teams that took part in the day, proudly holding their certificates… find out who the winning team were at the bottom!


Four children with certificates


Four children with certificates


Four children with certificates


Four children with certificates


Four children with certificates


Four children with certificates


Four children with certificates


Here’s individual points winner ISLA with her trophy and the rest of the team from Royston St. Johns…


Four children with certificates


and the eventual WINNING TEAM….. ELSECAR PRIMARY!!!!

Here they are with their winning trophy!


Four children and teacher with certificate and trophy


Again, thank you to our wonderful hosts at Royston St. John’s, and all the other children and staff for making today such a fabulous occasion!

If you would like to see an Inter-School Tournament in your schools area, get in touch and we’ll make it happen…





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