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This is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild, or at least challenge our imagination to do it for you. If you feel that you've got something different you'd like to try that we haven't covered in our latest list of services - just get in touch.

We are constantly asked to come up with entertaining and engaging solutions for all manner of reasons, so if you are worried your idea might be a bit 'out there', just tell us, there's a good chance we've done something similar before. If we haven't, we will enjoy the challenge... so definitely tell us. If it's that ridiculous we'll tell you straight away but we will tell you why and do our best to come up with something that will work for you.


We have been delivering workshops for libraries nationwide for years now with specially themed games to compliment the annual Summer Reading Challenge and interesting ways of attracting and encouraging more children to start using the library on a more regular basis. Libraries are fantastic hubs in the community for providing a range of activities and our tabletop games are ideal for the entire family. Individual libraries and councils alike find our sessions a perfect fit with their goals and our with tours of Nottingham, Sheffield and Hull, to name a few, are now regular events in our calendar.

Youth Clubs

We have so many games that are quick and easy to pick up but also just very 'cool'. These simple factors are crucial to secure that initial engagement that youth clubs look for... but that done, we can do so much more. Gradually introducing more 'streetwise' games that offer negotiation, bluff and reaction, can illicit excitement, anticipation and positive interaction that in turn helps to quickly build self confidence and mutual respect between young people. We have found that all the youth clubs that repeatedly use our services do so not just because they trust and appreciate our approach, but the young people have requested it. Much of the learning we can bring will engage young people that often struggle at school and find a haven in their local youth club.

Childrens Organisations

Imagination Gaming supplies regular provision for natiowide organisations such as the Children's University and the University of the First Age, and more localised council schemes such as the Breeze project in Leeds. We support these in a myriad of ways with summer schools, festivals, community events and tailored programmes to challenge a range of ages, abilities and interests, These three examples cover a wide range of ages and abilites so flexibility and variety is the key here.

Home Education groups

This is something we are getting increasingly asked about more and more. We can host regular sessions for established Home Education networks, or come to you if you are further away and have a suitable venue. Inline with our services for mainstream education we can target any experience accordingly to support Maths, Literacy or SEAL objectives, or simply to have fun. Involving the parents in the sessions makes for a great shared, learning experience that always proves rewarding.  


We have often delivered specialised workshops for educators and community leaders with the sole intention of empowering organisations to lead their own games sessions themselves. In this case we examine the overall goals behind using games in the organisation and the situations in which they will be subsequently be operating. This gives us a clear approach, particular to your needs, making it relevant to those you are looking to train,and in turn, who they will be engaging with.


Maybe you've got a personal event such as a birthday or wedding party you'd like us cater for. If so you can rest assured that we won't assume anything. We will carefully consider all the factors such as who, when, why and how, and tell you exactly what we think might affect the actiivity and make sure it fits the occasion.

As you can see there really is a lot of scope to inject some Imagination Gaming into your life, and of course you might have other ideas. Talk to us and let's see what we can do. We look forward to hearing from you.

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