New and upcoming from Imagination Gaming!

New and upcoming from Imagination Gaming!

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Over the next few months, there will be a lot of rather exciting things happening over here at the Imagination Gaming HQ! In order to make sure we engage more with the online community, we’ll be creating a number of blog posts to share with you, giving you a closer look at the games we use and the people who make them. As well as this, we’ll dive into the depths of the web to bring you some interesting articles and videos that we think will benefit our gaming friends and education professionals. We might even throw in a few gaming competitions, where there will be some great gaming prizes up for grabs; watch this space! Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to see from us on different days of the week in the near future.

We will be researching and keeping our eyes peeled for some interesting articles that may be of interest to schools, parents and children alike. When we see something we absolutely must share with you, we will post these on Monday’s. These articles will appeal to wide audiences so don’t worry about being left in the dark.

Wednesday means one thing; midweek blog! These will include write ups of events and conventions we attend, as well as giving our expertise in the games we use in education and those you can play at home. You may even see the odd interview with game creators and distributors, which is even exciting for us! We’ll include lists of top games in Literacy and Numeracy from the 2016 Imagination Gaming Family and Education Awards and those we think would work great for EAL and SEN children. There will definitely be something of interest for everyone so feel free to share them.

Every Friday we will post a game review, explaining the ins and out of gameplay and our own personal experiences of playing. We have a very long list of games that we use in different settings and we have so much to share with you. Ever wanted to know how to really play a game of Take It Easy, or want to know the highest score we got in Quiddler? We aim to please!

At the weekend, we’ll post our recently trialled Name the Game posts and challenges. These are just for fun but will wake up your brain on those lazy weekend days!

If there’s anything you’d like to see, why not let us know? We’ll do our best to include information about any specific games and to let you know about the most suitable games out there that will benefit your setting. Keep a look out for our next post!


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