Make Friends Through Gaming – How to Find the Best Gaming Groups in Your Area

Make Friends Through Gaming – How to Find the Best Gaming Groups in Your Area

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Okay, so you or the kids received a board game or two from Santa last month and you had more fun playing the games than you first thought. The kids are begging you to buy more, and because you don’t have a money tree in the back garden, you have to refuse on the majority of occasions. This makes everyone sad and due to lack of competitive shrieking and brain training, you need a solution. Don’t panic! All is not lost.

A fantastic way to constantly play new games, meet new people and most importantly, have fun, is to find a local board gaming group in your area. You may be thinking ‘easier said than done’, but we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Here’s the best ways to find local gaming groups and to get you and the family involved!


Visit your local gaming store.

The best place by far to find local gaming groups in your area is to go to the place where gamers hang out – your local gaming store! Wherever you’re from, there’ll more than likely be a store nearby or in the next town. Staff will be more than happy to point you in the direction of different groups and to even introduce you to some new games and players in the process – it’s their job after all! Most stores are family friendly and some will have space for you to sit down and play.

Talk to family and friends.

Are any of your family and friends gamers? Have you ever asked them? Now is the time! We all ‘know a guy that knows a guy’ and different friendship groups enjoy different hobbies. There could be a games night taking place tonight at your neighbour’s house! It’s definitely worth asking around for any pointers, or even for any game recommendations that you could try out in future.

Look on board gaming sites.

A simple Google search for ‘board gaming groups in my area’ should pull up a whole load of useful starting points. There’ll be direct links to group pages as well as the option to search for groups by area. Perhaps you’re out and about a lot with the family and want to attend more than one group where possible. Why not?! The gaming community are always super friendly and always have time to give advice, teach a game or give out some recommendations!

Host your own games night.

If you think you’ve already got a pretty good gaming collection going on, or you know people with a range of different games, why not host your own family games night? It will bring people together, and before you know it, you’ll have a ton of gamer friends. Hosting your own event doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own 50 board games – the beauty of it being that everyone brings something different and you’ll soon be learning rules and teaching others too!


Do you run a local board gaming group? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can promote it for you!                                                                                             

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