Inter-School Tournament at Royston St John’s

Inter-School Tournament at Royston St John’s

Pupils and teacher playing games

Last week, we held an Inter-School Tournament at Royston St. John’s! This one was the 3rd SMAT tournament – last year’s winners were West Meadows Primary.


So…what happened at our Tournament?

We split up our school participants into teams, who’d compete for the most points in rounds of different games. A special thanks to all the staff for keeping an eye out and looking after our teams!

Our wonderful school teams who participated this week and the results were:

1st – Royston St. John’s

2nd – Mill Academy & West Meadows

3rd – St. Mary’s

4th – Queen’s Road Academy

5th – All Saints Academy

6th – Darton Primary


Children sat around a table playing a card game


Once the introductions were complete, it was time to get down to business…

We used a variety of different games which required strategy, problem solving and some quick thinking to really get those brains in gear!

  • Rainbow 35 – a fast paced mathematical game in finding correct numbers!
  • Chattabox – a shout-out word game where players need to be the first to shout out answers to different topic questions.
  • Think Words – another speedy game of matching words and categories – all in 10 seconds!
  • Ubongo – a fast geometric puzzle game where players solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The quicker it’s solved, the more gems you gain!


Children and member of staff sat around a table playing a cards and spinner game


The tournament ended with a three way play off for the individual winner between:

Hannah – St. Mary’s

Oliver – Royston St. John’s

Isabel – Royston St. John

A huge congratulations to the winners of the day, Royston St. John’s and overall winner, Isabel! They grabbed themselves a trophy to show off at their school with pride. Well done!

All teams were amazing participants and team players and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone. Thanks for making the day a great one!


four children stood with certificates


Why should you take part in an Imagination Gaming Tournament?

  • Our Tournaments are a great way of bringing different schools and backgrounds together.
  • Test your brains to problem solve and be the quickest!
  • Make new friends and take on new challenges.
  • Win trophies and certificates for you and your school!


For more information about School Tournaments and how you and your school can get involved, email [email protected]

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