Staff feedback from regular games day programme

Staff Feedback from The Mill

The imagination gaming sessions have engaged all of the children in Year 2. They have enabled children to use knowledge and skills in maths in different contexts as well as enhancing their social skills.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the imagination gaming sessions. As a member of staff I feel they have not only had fun learning without realising, they have learnt how to play together and in teams.

The children love working with Nigel. From our point of view he can always think on his feet to provide activities that fit with our maths and literacy objectives.

Since imagination gaming started our (most) children have been showing a more mature approach to each other when working in small groups. We find our more excitable children seem more focused when playing the games.

I have seen a remarkable change in our young children's ability to take turns, share fairly and work as a team. It has really tested their resilience and has challenged them to communicate in different ways. Nigel has been excellent at managing any conflicts and has built an amazing relationship with the class. The children LOVE imagination gaming.



Tamara Gulliver




The Mill Academy