Zombie Diaries!

Games that feed on brains, for brains that feed on games!

What is it and What is it Good For?...

‘Zombie Diaries’ is a variety of activities and games to fire your literary imagination... and get it down on paper. Creative writing and storytelling are difficult skills to master and often a tricky area in which to engage children. Our Zombie Diaries activity takes a very cool approach to this area and provides content and structure that you can use to introduce, reinforce and encourage the language and grammatical skills the curriculum demands. Zombie Diaries is always
tailored specifically for its intended victims, and is always based on your particular requirements. Just like a good story, it focuses on the
key points and gives them chance to flesh out the rest and get playful with words.

How Will It Work?...

This activity can be run as a major project over a series of (originally 4 x 2 hr) sessions for maximum impact, or can be simplified to fewer sessions or a single workshop experience for younger students. Students are introduced to a sprawling table top “mega-game” in which they can use various strategies and skills to escape the Zombie invasion. They have the opportunity to design their ownlocations, characters and equipment to personalise the experience, while crucially diarising the events as they unfold. This forms the basis for their chance to engage and inspire through gaming and crafting, whilst completing stories, comics, posters and game
components. For younger children the activities and games can involve larger groups, different games and roleplay, but with a definite goal to get something on paper, whatever their ability.

A Zombie Diaries - Secondary Project Includes:

  • 4 half-day sessions to fit your timetable.
  • 12 children per project
  • Multiple pieces of individual work that can be presented and kept as evidence.

A Zombie Diaries - Primary Workshop Includes:

  • One full day, split into 2 sessions to fit your timetable.
  • A class activity suitable for approx. 12 - 30 children.
  • A finished piece of individual work that can be presented and kept as evidence.

Character, Setting, Problem... RESOLUTION!...

However delivered, you will have finished work that can be displayed, or act as the start for further development in class. You will also have ideas for continued projects and an introduction to simple resources that can continually help focus minds and inspire the imagination. Crucially you will have captured their imagination and given it reason to play!

Dangerous Territory?!...

Like the idea, but not sure about Zombies? Without doubt the zombies are an integral part of the engagement factor for the kids. The subject matter provides the initial spark of excitement and inspiration, but you may have some reservations... so just ask. We are very careful about our content, but can do the same projects and change the theme slightly to the same effect. (But this is really popular!)