Story Challenge

What is it and What is it Good For?...

Our Story Challenges demonstrate a fun way to approach storytelling and writing. They help focus on vital language skills in the classroom, and stimulate discussion, imagination and fun in less formal sessions too. Simple resources provide a starting point for children to express themselves, and give you the opportunity to nurture and reinforce the critical linguistic and grammatical skills they need to do so. Where required these sessions can be run verbally too.

What’s the Story Then?...

How quickly can you come up with a logical and entertaining story containing an alien, a turtle, sleeping and a parachutist... and that’s only 4 things. What if we gave you a total of 9 to work with… all random characters, objects, actions or settings… and different every time. Now let's see how you get on! That's exactly what we will do with your children. Using sets of inspirationally themed picture dice (story cubes), they will be challenged to construct their own unique story, weaving together the results of the dice they have rolled.

Plot Twist...

We are not asking for "War and Peace" here, often less than a side of A4, but what we are looking for is good use of VCOP, powerful descriptions and a logical narrative that will tie all their elements together... no matter how crazy the outcome is!

And They All Lived Happily Ever After!

Story Cubes can easily be used to produce project work that can be displayed as it is, or we can even have the outcomes scanned into individually artworked files for you to print as posters or to display on your website for all to see. A wide range of Story Cubes are available too.

A Story Challenge Workshop Includes:

  • One, half-day session to fit your morning or timetable.
  • A class activity suitable for approx. 12 - 30 children.
  • A finished piece of group work that can be presented and kept as evidence.