Mad Scientist!

What is it and What is it Good For?

Our “Mad Scientist” activity is an ingenious way for children to display their creativity and find their inner entrepreneur. This highly inspirational activity is ideal for pushing creative thinking, problem solving and team work and results in an incredibly enjoyable and challenging activity for everyone involved. This activity is suitable for full classes aged 9+ and lasts about 2 hrs.

The “Science”...

Splitting classes or groups into teams, each is charged with setting up their own business. Every business needs a name and logo, and the teams must think up and construct a design befitting the name. To decide how the work is to be done, every team member is given a role within the company prior to them being given the company’s mission. Common positions include: Managing Director, Sales, Design, Marketing and Finance.

The “Madness”...!

When the companies are up and running, each team is then given a monumental task to accomplish which could include any number of mad objectives which need to be achieved with the strangest of assets as they each receive several crazy components and a tight budget. Negotiation, money management, lateral thinking and teamwork come to the fore as they construct their plans to present to the class. Could you fly to the moon using a teaspoon, dynamite, an elephant and a bowl of Jelly?!

A Mad Scientist Workshop Includes:

  • One, half-day session to fit your morning or timetable.
  • A class activity suitable for approx. 12 - 30 children.
  • A finished piece of group work that can be presented and kept as evidence.