A challenge to show that business isn’t a game!

What is it and What is it Good For?...

We put our first hand experience of building and running a small business to good use and put together a workshop to demonstrate the challenges of setting up a business and show that knowing exactly what to do with your money is a lot harder than you may think. This activity includes use of a computer-based spreadsheet to analyse their decisions, and is run as a Q&A session to discuss the topic.

Decisions, Decisions...

Participants choose to set up different companies and decide exactly how to spend their budget, when and where to invest and what to trade in. Do you want to go it alone, or set up a partnership? Get a loan from the bank or borrow from Mum and Dad?! Are you a quantity or a quality merchant... and could you become both?!! Spending more money in certain areas of the business will reap rewards, but as in real life will mean that other departments will have their budget cut - will you balance the books and stay afloat?

"This Time Next Year, We'll Be Millionaires!!!..."

Your job is to see your business through those rocky first couple of years and see if you can learn from your mistakes to create a profitable and viable company to keep you in the lifestyle you aspire to. EnterpriZe is a fantastic activity that will both inspire and educate, but most importantly will give your students a chance to experience the effects of seemingly insignificant decisions and a genuine sense of what it takes to be a budding entrepreneur.

A Good Investment?!...

This is a fabulous way to fuel discussion around the impacts of marketing, sales, design, investments and staff in a fun and competitive environment... and how unwelcome the Tax-man can be!

An EnterpriZe Workshop Includes:

  • One, half-day session to fit your morning or timetable.
  • A class activity suitable for approx. 12 - 30 children.
  • A finished piece of group work that can be presented and kept as evidence.