Specialist School

4 years delivering weekly SEN provision

For the past 4 years IG have worked with Sheffield City Council’s Sheaf Training provision to deliver provision to learners with Education Health and Care Plans and who require support for a wide range of Special Education Needs and learning difficulties.

Initially commissioned work was targeted toward young adults who struggled with anxiety diagnoses and social skills, however we have recognised the benefits of IG sessions for others with developmental delays and challenging behaviours.

IG has been able to engage young people in recognising transferable skills, particularly regarding team work, which have improved self confidence to make steps towards work placements.

Flexible, conscientious and consistent, IG offer a innovative approach for students to access embedded literacy, numeracy, social and communication skills.  Their sessions are very well attended, and highly regarded within the organisation, as well as by the students themselves.


Richard Smith


Assistant Service Manager – High Needs Provision


Sheffield City Council


Imagination Gaming have been providing sessions at the SEND school I work at for some time now, they provide a wide range of games (of which I have never seen before and some have since even purchased myself) to suit all ages, abilities and emotional ranges.

Not only do the pupils throughly enjoy them but the staff do also. It gives our pupils a much needed chance to have fun and relax while not only having a educational experience but also learning important social skills like turn taking, patience, active listening and realizing that it's not always about winning, it is definitely the taking part that counts!

Nigel, who is our games guru, is extremely calm around the students, which in turn helps them to be calm when some are quite anxious at first to try new things, he is fantastic at explaining the games while we play and understands the needs of our students very well.

I have in the past and will continue to recommended Imagination Gaming to any provision or school.


Victoria Whitaker




High Well School

Specialist school provision for children aged 8 to 19

We are a specialist school provision for children aged 8 to 19 who have special educational needs relating to speech, language and communication. We have been involved with Imagination Gaming since we opened nearly three years ago. Nigel came to us in July 2016 and Chris in July 2017, to deliver a whole day of board games, and we are looking forward to welcoming Nigel back again this year.

The board games days have been a great success. Nigel and Chris liaised with us in advance to make sure that they had a good understanding of the needs of our students, and because of this were very well prepared and brought a great package of games for our school.

They worked tirelessly throughout the day, including attending our lunch time board games club, and working with parents after school to allow them to experience the benefits of playing game with their children. They are very enthusiastic, engaging and sensitive with our students, who are very varied in age and ability, and our staff very much appreciated their suggestions for other ways that we can use games with our students.

They also left us with a package of board games to keep at school, which has been an invaluable resource. Board games are a fun way of reinforcing academic learning, and also learning and practising communication and social skills, which is such an important part of what we do in our school.

We are very much looking forward to this year's board games day, and thanks again for all your help so far.



Sian Lang


Learning Support Assistant Key Stage 2


Grove House SEN School, Essex