Holiday Club Fun

We all had lots of fun during the summer holidays when Jacqueline Williams came to Happy Days Childcare in Suffolk to introduce us to some of the great games on offer from Imagination Gaming.

We had a mix of ages from babies up to ten years attending on the day and she had games for all age groups. She introduced the games in an engaging, fun way. After explaining the rules she ran through the games with the children and the adults supporting them so they could carry on themselves.

When they finished with one game she quickly introduced them to something new – quickly aware of what they found fun and what wasn’t holding their attention. Every age group was kept engaged for the whole session.

The games were of good quality. There were lovely chunky pieces for smaller children to handle and each game could be made simpler for younger children and built up as the children grow meaning that these are great games both for fun and to help develop skills in the EYFS.

We would definitely recommend Imagination Gaming to other nurseries and also to schools and holiday clubs and look forward to having future visits.
Thank you!


Sarah Lewis


Deputy Manager


Happy Days Childcare, Stradishall, Suffolk. CB8 9YD