Inter School Tournament at Kirklees Libraries

Thoroughly enjoyable, well explained and demonstrated. The pupils had a fantastic day and smiled the whole time.


J Walmsley




Westmoor Primary School

Inter-School Tournament at Kirklees Libraries

A fantastic day! So well organised and a really enjoyable day out! I'm definitely going to push for Imagination Gaming to come into school.


Miss Smith




Boothroyd Primary Academy

Supporting Enrichment and Youth Work Projects in the City

As an Assistant Service Manager for Enrichment and Learning my rolee involves managing the Children’s University team in Sheffield and supporting enrichment and youth work projects in the city.

Sheffield Children’s University, part of Sheffield City Council, has worked with Imagination Gaming for several years as one of our accredited Learning Destinations. Nigel and Chris have provided a reliable and high quality service to young people in the city using modern board and card games to both educate and entertain. We have found Imagination Gaming to be inventive and flexible in their approach to supporting young people from a range of different backgrounds and abilities.

Some of the work they have done for Sheffield Children’s University includes:

-       The development of an educational games box at 3 key stages, including an explanatory booklet and work towards an extensive inter-school games tournament, which was very well received by our participating primary schools. Games were carefully selected to promote numeracy, literacy and social skills.

-       A Games Tournament tailored to the needs of a local special school

-       Regular open access games workshops in local libraries and the Winter Gardens for children and families to enjoy together.

-       A dedicated gaming day pulling together various different gaming retail outlets from across the city to showcase their specialisms and allow families to try new games out.

Example comments from staff and pupils at schools participating in Games Tournament:

Teacher comment: The benefits were to build the children’s confidence and to be able to work as team working with other children from across Sheffield.

Pupil comment: “Taking part in the Games tournament made me feel part of a team, also it was nice to visit another school and make new friends”

Teacher comment: Now the students have the buzz from the day they are telling other students who then want to join the club. Also school will buy other similar games from Imagination Gaming so the students don’t get bored with the same ones all the time.

Pupil comment: “Taking part in the Games tournament made me feel…more confident in meeting students from other schools, helps me with spelling.


Helen Nichols


Assistant Service Manager – Enrichment and Learning


Sheffield City Council