Holiday and Transitional Activities

Great Sessions

Two great holiday sessions run at our club. Enjoyed by staff and children, great variety of games.

We are looking forward to you coming back







Holiday Club Fun

We all had lots of fun during the summer holidays when Jacqueline Williams came to Happy Days Childcare in Suffolk to introduce us to some of the great games on offer from Imagination Gaming.

We had a mix of ages from babies up to ten years attending on the day and she had games for all age groups. She introduced the games in an engaging, fun way. After explaining the rules she ran through the games with the children and the adults supporting them so they could carry on themselves.

When they finished with one game she quickly introduced them to something new – quickly aware of what they found fun and what wasn’t holding their attention. Every age group was kept engaged for the whole session.

The games were of good quality. There were lovely chunky pieces for smaller children to handle and each game could be made simpler for younger children and built up as the children grow meaning that these are great games both for fun and to help develop skills in the EYFS.

We would definitely recommend Imagination Gaming to other nurseries and also to schools and holiday clubs and look forward to having future visits.
Thank you!


Sarah Lewis


Deputy Manager


Happy Days Childcare, Stradishall, Suffolk. CB8 9YD

Imagination Gaming in extended services and within the school framework

I have used Imagination Gaming many times in the past few years. Both in the role of extended services and within the school framework.

These workshops were aimed at encouraging young people to play together and improve communication through a range of unusual board games that they may not have met before. They focus on the social and educational benefits of playing new and traditional games.

The comments from our young people both as extended activity days during the holidays or as sessions run within term time were excellent and the communication between students and families have improved throughout the days.

During our most recent project, Nigel supported 4 classes over 2 days breaking the days into literacy and numeracy sessions during the morning sessions and focusing on a extending and bringing writing to life during the afternoon. He really has the knack of hooking the child with enthusiasm and bringing it to life to achieve great things!

All our learners especially the lower level cohort excelled within these activity days and Nigel suggested further games to encourage their learning further.

Many schools don’t see the value in games as a learning tool but I suggest they give Imagination Gaming a try as the results are amazing.


Parent’s Thoughts:

The following are a selection of comments from parents at just one of our projects!

“Fantastic morning playing various number games. I have learnt how to make the games fun as well as helping my child with his numeracy at home. Thank you. One of the best lessons I have attended.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to get involved in my child’s school life. Felt worn out by the end, but in a good way!”

“Excellent workshop. Very stimulating, great way of working with numbers and to make you think.”

“Really enjoyed the games, fun & easy to play. Excellent to play with all my family. Will definitely buy the card games for use at home.”

“An excellent morning, full of fun and games, literally. Both myself and my daughter really enjoyed the morning. All of those games were excellent and a fantastic way of making math’s fun. Brilliant morning overall.”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came and was surprised it was so much fun and it stretched my brain.”

“The games and sessions would help a lot for those that struggle with numbers.”

“I am a parent to 3 children and these activities would be appreciated in the home.”

“I had no idea what the session was about but enjoyed getting creative with the children. It got the children and me thinking outside the box. Great!”

“Really fun even if a bit stressful at first!”

“Yes, this would help with maths, listening and waiting for their turns. Interacting with each other makes learning fun. Very good!”

“I had lots of fun and I found the games more challenging than I expected but really enjoyable.”

“I have learned to think about things before going ahead and that math’s games can be fun.”

“The sessions were great fun and gave me a really valuable chance to interact with my child in her school environment.”

“I thought the session was brilliant. I think all the children really got in to it. I couldn’t believe how eager Lewis was to get his ideas on paper. He is never normally that enthusiastic about writing. He even moaned there wasn’t enough space to write in!!!”

“It was much more interactive and fun than I expected. Already make use of the Story Cubes at home, a great resource for encouraging creativity.”

“Fantastic. Most fun I’ve had in ages. The kids were really involved and so good. Well done.”

“I learned that learning is not just all about being sat at a desk.”

“I felt that it taught the children to engage and listen, also about working together and using tactics. The story writing was good too, using dice helped them to structure the story and helped with ideas for the content.”

“I have found out that if the kids find something really exciting to them, even the children with the least concentration, will focus for something they enjoy.”

“The games are a really great way to teach math’s to the children. I am sure it will be very helpful, encouraging quick thinking and logical thinking. Taking this approach to math’s is a great idea.”

“Very thought provoking. Really enjoyed each game. Lots of strategy needed but fun as well.”

“Great fun and totally different from my expectations.”

“Kept my brain thinking throughout the whole session. A full morning!”

“I enjoyed every minute of it and am pleased I took part in it.”

“Yes it’s been great fun and very rewarding seeing the presentations at the end. Would be very good adapted for adult team working days.”

“Excellent math’s morning well led by Nigel. A great idea to involve parents. All children, and parents, were on task throughout the session, 2 ½ hours. The children were very quickly developing strategies to improve on each of the games. They were discussing their learning with each other and adults and many were able to explain the games to others. Super to hear they verbalize their strategies to each other and to see their learning move forward so quickly. Thank you.”



Lisa Rawlin


Family Support & Community Development Officer


Aston Family of Schools

Supporting Enrichment and Youth Work Projects in the City

As an Assistant Service Manager for Enrichment and Learning my rolee involves managing the Children’s University team in Sheffield and supporting enrichment and youth work projects in the city.

Sheffield Children’s University, part of Sheffield City Council, has worked with Imagination Gaming for several years as one of our accredited Learning Destinations. Nigel and Chris have provided a reliable and high quality service to young people in the city using modern board and card games to both educate and entertain. We have found Imagination Gaming to be inventive and flexible in their approach to supporting young people from a range of different backgrounds and abilities.

Some of the work they have done for Sheffield Children’s University includes:

-       The development of an educational games box at 3 key stages, including an explanatory booklet and work towards an extensive inter-school games tournament, which was very well received by our participating primary schools. Games were carefully selected to promote numeracy, literacy and social skills.

-       A Games Tournament tailored to the needs of a local special school

-       Regular open access games workshops in local libraries and the Winter Gardens for children and families to enjoy together.

-       A dedicated gaming day pulling together various different gaming retail outlets from across the city to showcase their specialisms and allow families to try new games out.

Example comments from staff and pupils at schools participating in Games Tournament:

Teacher comment: The benefits were to build the children’s confidence and to be able to work as team working with other children from across Sheffield.

Pupil comment: “Taking part in the Games tournament made me feel part of a team, also it was nice to visit another school and make new friends”

Teacher comment: Now the students have the buzz from the day they are telling other students who then want to join the club. Also school will buy other similar games from Imagination Gaming so the students don’t get bored with the same ones all the time.

Pupil comment: “Taking part in the Games tournament made me feel…more confident in meeting students from other schools, helps me with spelling.


Helen Nichols


Assistant Service Manager – Enrichment and Learning


Sheffield City Council