Games Days

A extremely fun way to engage children in learning.

I've known Chris for about 8 years from when I was Deputy at a school where Chris came in to do curriculum days and after-schools with each of the classes. It was the first time that I had seen anything like this provided for schools.

Chris relates so well to children of all ages and has a real knack of teaching games quickly so that they are not spending time listening to lots of rules but getting on and playing lots of games.
In the curriculum days, all the games are well chosen and thought about to develop whatever the school is aiming to improve at that time, whether it be traditional subjects such as maths, english or science, or more rounded skills such as speaking and listening or teamwork. They have games for everything. The children have so much fun and don't even realise how much learning that they are doing.

In my first Headship, we also took advantage of the wonderful tournament days which brought together children from a variety of schools together to play games, have fun and then have a well-organised and smoothly run tournament in the afternoon. Children loved the competitive factor and receiving the trophies and certificates.

I can't recommend Chris (and the other members of the Imagination Gaming team who I have since got to know well) enough for their enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to work with children of all ages and abilities to learn through fun.


Neil Harris




St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

A great gaming day!

The day was full of fun from start to finish!

My Y4 pupils had an absolute blast learning how to play a wide range of educational games as well as few that were strategic and skill based. They than moved on to teaching their peers. The games we acquired are now used on a regular basis as a games after school club.

One of the best days they had had in school was a comment from one pupil! 100% recommend!


Kate Curry


Y4 teacher


Langold Dyscarr Community School

A new game to support writing...

Nigel (Imagination Gaming) came into our year 5 class this morning with a new game to support writing, something that we find a real challenge! WOW!!!! We spent the entire morning writing.

After initially using the prompt cards to support the creation of images to help our writing, we were all eager to share how we could develop these to write amazing stories. 
Every child was able to join in at their own level.

The focus, attitude and improvements they made were superb to see. They were all so proud of what they had achieved and were all eager to share their independent work. Presentation, the ideas used as well as pushing themselves to use highly detailed descriptions were outstanding. This is definitely something I would use again.

Thank you again for this morning, it was an amazing session. They came back in from dinner still talking about their work!


Donna Evans




Greenfield Primary

Fun, challenging games for our Key stage 2 children

What a treat we had this week.  A whole day of fun, challenging games for our Key stage 2 children.  Imagination Gaming are the perfect way to get children engaged in word games, maths puzzles, shape awareness, working as part of team and laughing along the way.

Some of our children said “It was the best day ever!” It was also lovely to see parents and grandparents playing games with their children during the after school activity.

Imagination Gaming staff were also very inclusive for children with SEN (special educational needs) and accessible to all. I would definitely recommend Imagination Gaming. We are looking forward to using the games on a  regular basis in school


Clare Fairclough


Safeguarding and Pastoral Lead


Emmaus Catholic and Church of England Primary School

Games Club Day

The children of Sparken Hill Academy participated in a Games Day following some staff demonstrations given by the Imagination Gaming Team on an INSET.

The children absolutely loved the experience that was provided by the team. Learning through play is a way to capture children without them realising that they are learning. It also develops their interpersonal skills when play alongside/against peers. Imperative in the advancing technological age that we live in today.


Helen Brentnall




Sparken Hill Academy

Imagination Gaming

As soon as children enter our school in nursery or reception, being imaginative, is an area that is identified as being an aspect that needs development in the EYFS curriculum. Children have limited opportunities to develop other skills such as turn taking and they are surrounded with technology. Imagination gaming helps to address these aspects. It also provides children with the chance to have fun whilst learning new skills and knowledge.

Here's a taste of the feedback from some ofthe staff who took part in the day...

"The children really enjoyed playing the different variety of games that were offered and working well in teams. It was interesting to see the different games for the children to help develop their vocabulary but also to develop their team game skills. It was a enjoyable and fun day."

Sarah-Jayne Burwell, T.A.

"I found the visit extremely informative and there was a buzz around the classroom! The children where highly engaged in all of the activities and probably didn't even realise they were learning so much. It was great to see just how educational games can be and how effectively they can be used within the classroom so seamlessly.

Thankyou for a fantastic visit!"

Sophie James, Y2 Teacher

"I really thought this was brilliant. The children got so much out of this and they were so engaged."

Diane Heathcote, T.A.

"We had Chris come into both of our y1 classes. The games were great, well demonstrated and explained. The children were really engaged with all of the games. It helped our children to problem solve, work in teams and use there imagination. Fantastic day!"

Katie Shepherd, T.A.


Sean Sly


Deputy Headteacher


Royd Nursery Infant School

Imagination Gaming

We invited Imagination Gaming into our school after a recommendation from another school in Sheffield. We booked 3 days and Chris was very experienced in guiding us in how to get the most from the time. It was a brilliant experience which engaged all year groups and parents too.

Chris was fantastic in meeting the needs of all year groups and the response from our children to the lunchtime club he offered was overwhelming. We have already included and are embedding this in our school either as lunchtime clubs, intervention provision or whole class sessions.

We will certainly continue to work with Chris and Imagination Gaming. I can highly recommend Imagination Gaming - your school will love it!


Andrea Carr


Head Teacher


Angram Bank Primary School

Imagination Gaming in extended services and within the school framework

I have used Imagination Gaming many times in the past few years. Both in the role of extended services and within the school framework.

These workshops were aimed at encouraging young people to play together and improve communication through a range of unusual board games that they may not have met before. They focus on the social and educational benefits of playing new and traditional games.

The comments from our young people both as extended activity days during the holidays or as sessions run within term time were excellent and the communication between students and families have improved throughout the days.

During our most recent project, Nigel supported 4 classes over 2 days breaking the days into literacy and numeracy sessions during the morning sessions and focusing on a extending and bringing writing to life during the afternoon. He really has the knack of hooking the child with enthusiasm and bringing it to life to achieve great things!

All our learners especially the lower level cohort excelled within these activity days and Nigel suggested further games to encourage their learning further.

Many schools don’t see the value in games as a learning tool but I suggest they give Imagination Gaming a try as the results are amazing.


Parent’s Thoughts:

The following are a selection of comments from parents at just one of our projects!

“Fantastic morning playing various number games. I have learnt how to make the games fun as well as helping my child with his numeracy at home. Thank you. One of the best lessons I have attended.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to get involved in my child’s school life. Felt worn out by the end, but in a good way!”

“Excellent workshop. Very stimulating, great way of working with numbers and to make you think.”

“Really enjoyed the games, fun & easy to play. Excellent to play with all my family. Will definitely buy the card games for use at home.”

“An excellent morning, full of fun and games, literally. Both myself and my daughter really enjoyed the morning. All of those games were excellent and a fantastic way of making math’s fun. Brilliant morning overall.”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came and was surprised it was so much fun and it stretched my brain.”

“The games and sessions would help a lot for those that struggle with numbers.”

“I am a parent to 3 children and these activities would be appreciated in the home.”

“I had no idea what the session was about but enjoyed getting creative with the children. It got the children and me thinking outside the box. Great!”

“Really fun even if a bit stressful at first!”

“Yes, this would help with maths, listening and waiting for their turns. Interacting with each other makes learning fun. Very good!”

“I had lots of fun and I found the games more challenging than I expected but really enjoyable.”

“I have learned to think about things before going ahead and that math’s games can be fun.”

“The sessions were great fun and gave me a really valuable chance to interact with my child in her school environment.”

“I thought the session was brilliant. I think all the children really got in to it. I couldn’t believe how eager Lewis was to get his ideas on paper. He is never normally that enthusiastic about writing. He even moaned there wasn’t enough space to write in!!!”

“It was much more interactive and fun than I expected. Already make use of the Story Cubes at home, a great resource for encouraging creativity.”

“Fantastic. Most fun I’ve had in ages. The kids were really involved and so good. Well done.”

“I learned that learning is not just all about being sat at a desk.”

“I felt that it taught the children to engage and listen, also about working together and using tactics. The story writing was good too, using dice helped them to structure the story and helped with ideas for the content.”

“I have found out that if the kids find something really exciting to them, even the children with the least concentration, will focus for something they enjoy.”

“The games are a really great way to teach math’s to the children. I am sure it will be very helpful, encouraging quick thinking and logical thinking. Taking this approach to math’s is a great idea.”

“Very thought provoking. Really enjoyed each game. Lots of strategy needed but fun as well.”

“Great fun and totally different from my expectations.”

“Kept my brain thinking throughout the whole session. A full morning!”

“I enjoyed every minute of it and am pleased I took part in it.”

“Yes it’s been great fun and very rewarding seeing the presentations at the end. Would be very good adapted for adult team working days.”

“Excellent math’s morning well led by Nigel. A great idea to involve parents. All children, and parents, were on task throughout the session, 2 ½ hours. The children were very quickly developing strategies to improve on each of the games. They were discussing their learning with each other and adults and many were able to explain the games to others. Super to hear they verbalize their strategies to each other and to see their learning move forward so quickly. Thank you.”



Lisa Rawlin


Family Support & Community Development Officer


Aston Family of Schools

KS1 Games Day

Thank you Chris for a great day on Friday. I got lots of positive feedback about the games.

Several members of staff have started using some of the games with intervention groups and our after-school games club started this week with an enthusiastic group of Y1 and Y2 children. Looking forward to the family of School days in June.


Helen Stokes




Waterhorpe Nursery & Infants, Sheffield


Great day delivered by Imagination Gaming. Children were engaged and enjoyed the activities provided. Our parents really enjoyed the after school activities and it gave them the chance to work closely as families to solve and complete maths problems.

Here are a few quotes from children who took part in the day:

''I liked how we got to play different types of games from different countries and the games were exciting to play''

''I enjoyed playing the maths games after school with my mum. It was lots of fun!''

''Playing the games gave us chance to mix which other children we wouldn't normally play with. I enjoyed it.''
Year 4 children


Karen Hill


Maths Lead


Caldicotes Primary Academy

S.E.N. 8 - 16 years

Imagination Gaming has been delivering an annual board games day for all pupils and parents in our school for children with Speech, Language and Communication needs for four years now, and we all look forward to it every year.

Nigel, Chris and Jacqui all show a great passion for board games in education, as well as an understanding of the needs of our S.E.N. pupils. They have a great rapport with the pupils and always keep them engaged and inspired. The games that they leave with us are well chosen and allow us to continue their work throughout the year. Seeing children engage in problem solving, developing social skills, and having fun working and playing together, is invaluable, and we all, staff and parents as well as children, gain a lot from our time with Imagination Gaming.

I would recommend them to any school or organisation working with young people, but they are especially skilled at working with those outside the mainstream.


Sian Lang




Grove House School

SCC Games days

Once again the ‘simple’ provision of a few board games has provided a full day’s activity for all participants.

I work with a group of potentially very difficult young people who find it very hard to engage in many activities. However when Chris or Nigel arrive with their own brand of enthusiasm and skills we see full participation and not just for short periods.

It is a real pleasure to see the Xbox generation interact with each other in such a sustained, positive manner over a good old fashioned learning environment.

Thank you again for your ongoing provision.

Ian Fowler

(My role is to provide a link between the care staff and the education team who organizes and arranges all extracurricular activities for the residents to take part in. The environment the young people reside is to provide a safe, caring yet controlled environment in which young people are enabled to address personal difficulties and so move on to make positive contributions to their family and communities. The core objective is to enable and encourage emotional, behavioral and attitudinal change. We aim to achieve this by working closely with carers and professionals in providing a range of individual educational and life experiences that equip the young person to fulfil their own potential, their community’s moral aspirations and society’s legal expectations. The promotion of positive relationships is at the heart of what we do and everyone is given an equal opportunity to express their views, opinions and emotions through open and respectful communication.)



Ian Fowler


Learning Co-ordinater


Aldine House Secure Children's Centre

Specialist school provision for children aged 8 to 19

We are a specialist school provision for children aged 8 to 19 who have special educational needs relating to speech, language and communication. We have been involved with Imagination Gaming since we opened nearly three years ago. Nigel came to us in July 2016 and Chris in July 2017, to deliver a whole day of board games, and we are looking forward to welcoming Nigel back again this year.

The board games days have been a great success. Nigel and Chris liaised with us in advance to make sure that they had a good understanding of the needs of our students, and because of this were very well prepared and brought a great package of games for our school.

They worked tirelessly throughout the day, including attending our lunch time board games club, and working with parents after school to allow them to experience the benefits of playing game with their children. They are very enthusiastic, engaging and sensitive with our students, who are very varied in age and ability, and our staff very much appreciated their suggestions for other ways that we can use games with our students.

They also left us with a package of board games to keep at school, which has been an invaluable resource. Board games are a fun way of reinforcing academic learning, and also learning and practising communication and social skills, which is such an important part of what we do in our school.

We are very much looking forward to this year's board games day, and thanks again for all your help so far.



Sian Lang


Learning Support Assistant Key Stage 2


Grove House SEN School, Essex

Whole School Gaming Days

What a wonderful way to engage children with Mathematics!

Children of all abilities have loved every second of working with Imagination Gaming and their broad spectrum of games. Lots of laughter and fun while the children work together to apply maths in contexts that are so varied that they don’t even realise they are learning.

Lots of parents brought their children to the after school club too and I am very pleased to say that there was no ‘hard sell’, just lots more fun while the children shared their learning with their families. Highly recommend Imagination Gaming and would encourage schools to definitely give games days a go.

A big thank you to Nigel, who made the days go without a hitch. We will all enjoy playing the games, which we got to keep as part of the package. Fantastic!!!


Shona Wolfenden


Deputy Head


Bookwell Primary

Year 1

The session Chris delivered featured a range of games that were all very engaging and challenged the children’s abilities!

It was very enjoyable for both the staff and children as it required imagination, in addition to the development of many other skills such as communication and team work whilst having lots of fun.


Sophie Rawding


Year 1 Teacher


Royd Nursery Infant School

Year 4 Maths

The children thoroughly enjoyed their imagination gaming session!

They were taught to play an array of fabulous games that would be sure to increase a range of mathematical skills. The children showed great resilience and were able to follow clear instructions given to them by the tutor.

A great session.


Miss E Watson




Bookwell Primary School