Women's Institute Annual Games Night

Jill - There was a really good friendly atmosphere tonight.  I think Imagination Gaming is just the right start for our new year as well.

Lindsay - Great evening, wish I had got round to trying some more of the games.

Gill - Thank you Imagination Gaming.  It was a really fun evening with lots of different games that you don't normally see.  Lots of educational ones too.

Di - What a wonderful night!  I am going to recommend other groups I belong to, to book Imagination Gaming.

Brenda - Really enjoyable evening with testing, interesting games.

Carole - The gaming evening was very interesting and educational.  I would recommend it to other groups or schools.

Sue (Secretary) - Imagination Gaming is on our programme every year - what a wonderful way to celebrate our birthday with Games and Cake.  Thanks to Nigel who makes the evening worthwhile.  I'm building up a nice collection of games!




Secretary and members


Ravenfield WI