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Chris is very flexible in the sessions he provides and delivers for our children at KS2 Hendal. He has worked with KS2 children to improve their social and communication skills and develop resilience as well as to encourage positive learning experiences.

Children have had opportunities to take part in group and individual games.

Chris has worked hard to get to know the children and understand their individual needs through discussions with children and staff.

Sessions are structured yet also based around the philosophy of children learning actively.

Children are always asking when is Chris coming and one child commented 'I am excited - I can't wait to see what games Chris brings today'.

Staff feel that the sessions are worthwhile and support the children’s emotional well-being and health as well as supporting them to learn how to deal with loss.

Chris is extremely professional, enthusiastic and passionate individual whom has a positive impact on the young children he works with.


Karina Carr


KS2 Lead


The Priory Centre - Hendal KS2 PRU