A new game to support writing...

Nigel (Imagination Gaming) came into our year 5 class this morning with a new game to support writing, something that we find a real challenge! WOW!!!! We spent the entire morning writing.

After initially using the prompt cards to support the creation of images to help our writing, we were all eager to share how we could develop these to write amazing stories. 
Every child was able to join in at their own level.

The focus, attitude and improvements they made were superb to see. They were all so proud of what they had achieved and were all eager to share their independent work. Presentation, the ideas used as well as pushing themselves to use highly detailed descriptions were outstanding. This is definitely something I would use again.

Thank you again for this morning, it was an amazing session. They came back in from dinner still talking about their work!


Donna Evans




Greenfield Primary