Imagination Gaming

As soon as children enter our school in nursery or reception, being imaginative, is an area that is identified as being an aspect that needs development in the EYFS curriculum. Children have limited opportunities to develop other skills such as turn taking and they are surrounded with technology. Imagination gaming helps to address these aspects. It also provides children with the chance to have fun whilst learning new skills and knowledge.

Here's a taste of the feedback from some ofthe staff who took part in the day...

"The children really enjoyed playing the different variety of games that were offered and working well in teams. It was interesting to see the different games for the children to help develop their vocabulary but also to develop their team game skills. It was a enjoyable and fun day."

Sarah-Jayne Burwell, T.A.

"I found the visit extremely informative and there was a buzz around the classroom! The children where highly engaged in all of the activities and probably didn't even realise they were learning so much. It was great to see just how educational games can be and how effectively they can be used within the classroom so seamlessly.

Thankyou for a fantastic visit!"

Sophie James, Y2 Teacher

"I really thought this was brilliant. The children got so much out of this and they were so engaged."

Diane Heathcote, T.A.

"We had Chris come into both of our y1 classes. The games were great, well demonstrated and explained. The children were really engaged with all of the games. It helped our children to problem solve, work in teams and use there imagination. Fantastic day!"

Katie Shepherd, T.A.


Sean Sly


Deputy Headteacher


Royd Nursery Infant School