A extremely fun way to engage children in learning.

I've known Chris for about 8 years from when I was Deputy at a school where Chris came in to do curriculum days and after-schools with each of the classes. It was the first time that I had seen anything like this provided for schools.

Chris relates so well to children of all ages and has a real knack of teaching games quickly so that they are not spending time listening to lots of rules but getting on and playing lots of games.
In the curriculum days, all the games are well chosen and thought about to develop whatever the school is aiming to improve at that time, whether it be traditional subjects such as maths, english or science, or more rounded skills such as speaking and listening or teamwork. They have games for everything. The children have so much fun and don't even realise how much learning that they are doing.

In my first Headship, we also took advantage of the wonderful tournament days which brought together children from a variety of schools together to play games, have fun and then have a well-organised and smoothly run tournament in the afternoon. Children loved the competitive factor and receiving the trophies and certificates.

I can't recommend Chris (and the other members of the Imagination Gaming team who I have since got to know well) enough for their enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to work with children of all ages and abilities to learn through fun.


Neil Harris




St. Mary's Catholic Primary School