Summer Reading Challenge

Monthly Games Day at Ecclesfield Library

Great news if you're in the Sheffield area (or even if you're not but you don't mind travelling!)...

We are happy to announce some regular games sessions, one Saturday each month for the next 8 months, and free to attend!

Thanks to some great work and support from Ecclesfield Library, and some Big Lotttery funding, we'll be there for the first session next Saturday, the 20th August, from 10am to 3pm. We have pencilled in the third Saturday of each following month for now and these dates will be absolutely confirmed soon.

For now here's some details and get yourself along!... (and don't forget your Sheffield Children's University Passport to Learning if you want some credits too!)


Summer Reading Challenge 2016

Each summer in association with the Reading Agency, libraries and schools nationwide take part in the Summer Reading Challenge.

The SRC is an annual event dedicated to encouraging children, particularly 4 - 11 yr olds, to continue reading throughout the summer holidays. This can be a period where their interest and thus their reading development can take a significant turn, one which is not necessarily easily reversed when they go back to school in September.

Every year there is a new theme, with recent years focusing on Space, the Olympics, Dinosaurs and Mythical Maze. Each one has a large suggested reading list of associated books to complement the topic, and specially chosen as content to particularly excite and intrigue.

As part of our ongoing relationship with libraries in numerous areas, we are asked to provide games sessions and activities to support the current theme and this year is no exception...


2016 The Big Friendly Read

This year's theme is The Big Friendly Read. As the name implies, the focus is on a Roald Dahl style of imagination and story-telling, but there is a wide spectrum of titles on the 2016 reading list... and of course, we have a specific activity to suit!...


'ROLLED DAHL!' with Imagination Gaming

celebrating the work of Roald Dahl with games and story-telling for the Summer Reading Challenge 2016

As part of our ever popular games sessions, Imagination Gaming are offering a new activity session to support and promote this year's Summer Reading Challenge and specifically the theme of the work of Roald Dahl. The sessions are anticipated to run across a series of locations and offer both creative and competitive activities to suit everyone.

  • 'ROLLED Dahl'  - A Roald Dahl themed story-writing activity using story cubes, with the opportunity to have prizes for the winners and chosen stories featured on our website.
  • A range of our ever popular games to pick up and play, focusing on imagination and adventure in the spirit of the theme.
  • A Roald Dahl themed BrainBox 10 minute challenge and leaderboard!

This games session is available to both libraries and schools as part of Imagination Gaming's popular games workshops, full of exciting card and board games with a cool twist for all ages. This offers a range of inspirational activities for children and families to participate in at a level to suit everyone.

Note: Games and 'ROLLED Dahl' is typically suitable for 8 and up, 5 and up if accompanied by an adult depending on ability.


Summer Reading Challenge 2017 - Theme Announced

The theme for this year's Summer Reading Challenge has been announced by The Reading Agency...

It's official, 2017 will be the year of the Animal Agents!
Extra specially, the event will be supported by original artwork from celebrated illustrator Tony Ross, the man behind Horrid Henry and many other fabulous looking children's books.
As always we have some exciting plans for this with a huge range of new-for-2017 games, and popular favourites to suit the theme, and you can guarantee there'll be a some added extras to make our sessions Animal-tastic!
Which are your favourite Animal flavoured games?!
Look out for venues and dates later in the year...
Not sure what the SRC is, this will fill you in and you can see what we did last year. - click here
And you can read more from The Reading Agency website - click here


Summer Reading Challenge 2018 - Mischief Makers

2018 Summer Reading Challenge - Mischief Makers        

Do you want to get up to some mischief this summer holiday?! Are you feeling those sneaky urges rising?!

Then why don’t you head down to your local library this summer and take part in their Mischief Makers summer challenge? Imagination Gaming will be there with a range of the craftiest, most devious, cunning and sneaky games you can imagine, where you’ll have to trick your opponents, bring out your bluffing skills and act like a real life Dennis the Menace as you challenge both yourself and your opponents in games of chance and skill.

We have so many games, from across the world, that will allow you to test all of these skills in the nicest, friendliest and fun way.

Here's a quick peek at some of the newest games below we have for you this year, such as Catch-A-Roo, Baffled, Shaperise and of course many, many more!


If there are any games or type of games you’d like us to bring then just drop us an email to or, better still, like us on Facebook and drop us a message on there?

Take a look on our What’s On page to find out when we will be near a library near you soon.

If we aren’t near your local library, have them get in touch with us on the email above and lets see what we can make happen!



Summer Reading Challenge 2019 Announced!

The countdown has started... 5,4,3,2,1, BLAST OFF!!!

The annual Summer Reading Challenge has been launched into orbit,  and we've got some fantastic ideas lined up for libraries ... and schools too!

Previous years have seen a galaxy of themes that have been stellar for games, such as 'the Olympics', 'Animal Antics' and 'Mischief Makers'... but this year's theme has us flying to the moon and reaching for the stars!

If you haven't already guessed, this years theme is.... 'SPACE CHASE'. So , that means we will soaring into libraries with a cargo load of games that will send you to infinity ... and beyond! (OK enough of the space puns!).

The Summer Reading Challenge 2019 theme is Space Chase, an out-of-this-world adventure inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Children taking part in the Challenge will join our super space family, The Rockets, for a thrilling mission to track down books nabbed by mischievous aliens!


So what's happening?

Well, I.S.T. is the name of the game this year. No, not Inter-galactic Space Travel... Inter-School Tournament!

To help boost awareness and participation in this years Summer Reading Challenge, we'll be hosting Inter-School Tournaments with a 'Space Race' theme... in libraries!

We've found hosting inter-school tournaments in libraries are a fantastic way to both get children excited and interested in their local library, but also a great way for libraries to get face-to-face with local schools, introduce the Summer Reading Challenge and send them away with the motivation to get all the local children and their families back into the library throughout the summer.

The tournaments involve teams of children from local schools coming together for an exciting day out, making friends, having fun, and maybe even winning the ultimate prize...

We spend the morning learning and playing games together, and then in the afternoon the children compete on different tables, in a friendly and competitive atmosphere, to earn points for their teams, and for themselves. Everyone who takes part collects a certificate to celebrate their efforts, and of course there are trophies available too!

Not sure... check out our most recent IST's here, including a fantastic Tournament with Kirklees Libraries, and discover more about our exactly what an Inter School Tournament is too.

Of course we will be visiting libraries throughout the holidays and term time, with open gaming sessions for families of all ages to come and have a go at a massive range of games too, as we have done for the last decade, the tournaments and pre-summer activities are just the perfect way to promote another exciting Summer Reading Challenge to as many children in your area as possible.

So whether you are a library or a school interested in having some game based, SRC focused tournaments or workshops... open up communications with us now! Space travel, aliens, galactic invasions and inter-planetary adventures are coming your to a galaxy near you soon!



Summer Reading Challenge 2021 - Our Kind Of Play!

The annual Summer Reading Challenge is back... bigger... and WILDER!... and we can help

Each year we visit libraries across the land to deliver exciting, themed, table-top games events to help enhance the experience and help children engage even more in the adventure. With this year's theme announced as Wild World Heroes, we can't wait to delve into our box (tardis!) of crazy, fun and challenging games for families to have a go at!

There are 2 key additions to the SRC this year

  • They've teamed up with the WWF, for a nature themed challenge featuring, quote "amazing books, awesome rewards, and plenty of ideas for taking care of our environment."!
  • It's online too!... with additional resources there to enhance their offering.

Where does Imagination Gaming come in?

Put simply, YOUR library can talk to us about hosting themed games workshops, where we bring plenty of new and classic games to suit a variety of ages, abilities and interests, all with one goal in mind... promoting the library as a great place to be and reading as an exciting and infinite world to explore!

(Leap ahead to the bottom of the page to see an example of a fraction of the games we are talking about!)

Our games come from all over the world and include competitive and cooperative games that we use to engage learners and fun-seekers, and help to support and develop both social and curriculum skills too!

With them we can host welcoming and flexible drop-in sessions (or targeted workshops), designed to quickly and effortlessly get families and children playing together and enjoying the library... but don't just take our word for it, check out previous links and games below, and testimonials here, or just give us a shout.... We look forward to hearing from you!


Contact Us at, or on our Get In Touch here!



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