Children's University Tournaments Arrive!

As I type we have just completed the first of three games tournament's as part of our on-going Games compendium project with Sheffield Children's University... and it was brilliant!

Today's event concentrated on Key Stage 2 pupils (7 - 11yr olds) from 10 schools across Sheffield, and in the coming weeks we have events for Key Stage 1 (5 - 7 yr olds) and Key Stage 3 (11 - 14 yr olds) pupils too!

It all started back in November when we delivered our own, specially tailored, boxes of games to schools across Sheffield who are members of the Children's University. The idea was to give them the ability too realise the social and educational benefits of this type of activity and the opportunity to set up their own games clubs.

As further motivation we set up these inter-school games tournaments to giive them something to look forward to and extra reason (if they needed it!) to get on with the games.

Today proved to be a fantastic event and was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, teachers and the Imagination Gaming team too, so we can't wait for the next tournaments and we'll make sure to tell you all about them, the competition involved and of course all the winners on our blog in a couple of weeks time!


Ecclesfield Library Dates Confirmed

Like to plan ahead?!

After the success of August's monthly games session at Ecclesfield Library in Sheffield, we can happily confirm the next 7 dates... diaries at the ready.

Each of the following is a Saturday and sessions are planned to run from 10am - 3pm. Each one is drop-in, so come along when you can, bring a friend and join in. Dates and event poster below...

*NEW UPDATE!!!* More monthly dates have been confirmed below... we will now be running these sessions until June at least. Great stuff!


Saturday, September 17th, 10am - 3pm

Saturday, October 15th, 10am - 3pm

Saturday, November 19th, 10am - 3pm

Saturday, December 17th, 10am - 3pm



Saturday, January 14th, 10am - 3pm

Saturday, February 18th, 10am - 3pm

Saturday, March 18th, 10am - 3pm

 *NEW* Saturday, April 15th, 10am - 3pm *NEW* 

 *NEW* Saturday, May 20th, 10am - 3pm *NEW* 

 *NEW* Saturday, June 17th, 10am - 3pm *NEW* 



Ecclesfield Library Dates Extended!

Great news... yet more games sessions confirmed for Ecclesfield Library!

Yes that's right, turn out has been steadily growing over the recent monthly games days we have been hosting at Ecclesfield Library in Sheffield, and we can confirm more dates have been added. This means we will be running these free, drop-in workshops for all the family until at least June 2017.

For more details on times and dates, you will find it all here... Ecclesfield Library Blog


Emmanuel Junior Academy Inter-School Tournament


Our latest IST, inter-school tournament was held last week at Emmanuel Junior Academy in Sheffield. The 3rd tournament in just 3 weeks, this was a chance for Year 6 students and a few Year 7 students to shine, after the success of the infant tournament held for schools in the same area just a week before.

We were ready for 8 teams of four students representing 4 different school, but this time, rather than competing for their own little team, everyones points went towards a school total for a little added spice... which team would be victorious today?!


Of course it's not all about the winning (apparently!), and as always the morning session was focussed around students getting comfortable in their new surroundings and learning to play games they had never seen before. Remember lots of children come to these days perhaps never ever having played a board game before, so getting everyone on the same playing field is crucial... but easily done.


At this tournament we had invited some children we knew would find this particular environment challenging and, while it took them a little time to find their feet, once they did they were flying so to speak. To see such a range of children manage to be able to sit in a new environment, with new challenges and pupils they had never met before, and excel is simply a fantastic feeling... and by the end of the day the smiles were universal.

Thanks for a brilliant day

Samantha Bell, Westfield School, Sheffield

The games used required a mix of skills to conquer, meaning that there would always be something to suit everybody. From maths skills, to logic, memory and even drawing and shape handling, there was a chance for everyone to shine and challenge themselves, and perhaps taste a bit of success and failure in equal measure... both good for the soul!

We played Doodle Rush from Brain Games, Take It Easy from Burley Games, Ubongo from Kosmos, Brix from CoiledSpring and BlueOrange and Lost and Found.


As always, the teams were competing for a trophy to take back to their school by each pupil contributing points from all the games they played against children from the other schools, but as always there was a trophy for the highest individual scorer too!...


So... WHO WON?! Well you can see our individual Champion at the bottom but first here's all the teams, proudly holding their certificates of achievement below, see if you can spot the trophies!

Firstly here's Emmanuel Academy, fantastic host's and a credit to their school...


Next up the Y7 students and staff from Westfield School who competed fantastically well...


Another brilliant team here from Mosborough Primary school...


But here they are... our latest winners... Brook House Junior School.... Yeahhhhh!!!!!...


And last... but definitely most impressively, the Individual Highest Points Scorer of the day, leading her team to victory was... SOPHIE. Big well done Sophie!



International Games Day @ Your Library

Ever heard of International Games Day @ Your Library?

Amazingly, somehow, we hadn't.... until now! If  you're wondering it's the 19th of November... that's next Saturday!

Granted it started on the other side of the planet (!), but it's in it's 9th year now and there seems to be plenty of places you can get involved in the UK too now... 

We'll be doing our bit, visiting 3 different libraries across Sheffield with a whole host of our new and classic games, and for the first time we''ll be unveiling games from our all new 12 Days Of Gaming promotion too!

All the events are free to attend, and as usual there will be something for everyone. Check out the times and places we'll be on our Events page right here...

You can get an idea of what the history of the event is and all the locations you can get involved this year (including in the UK), on the ILG@YL official website here , so if you can't join us in Sheffield, we of course encourage you to get involved wherever you can!

Of course, with our events being in Sheffield, it's yet another opportunity to get more Children's University credits too, as we are an official Learning Destination!

We hope to see you there



Reignhead Primary Inter-School Tournament

Today's Inter-School Tournament was for Y2 pupils and held at Reignhead Primary School, with 24 children from 3 different schools in the area. Next week, in the same area, will be an even bigger event with 5 schools each sending 2 key stage 2 teams to play... but that's next weeks story!

Our team's this time were from Reignhead, Beighton and Waterthorpe primary schools. Waterthorpe had already had their very own Imagination Gaming Games Day, and they came ready to show what they already knew, that our games were great fun to play together and competitively. The fact that they had continued to play the games we had left them was clearly evident, with impeccable manners and helpfulness, even though they knew there were trophies up for grabs... good thing I'd deliberately chosen games they'd never played before! Beighton and Reignhead were equally ready to prove themselves, and together everyone did a brilliant job of representing themselves and their schools.



Key Stage 1 tournaments are great fun. Of course they differ greatly in the games we play and the methods we use, but the concept is still the same. Bring your friends and team-mates, meet other children you wouldn't normally, play together, compete respectfully, learn something new and most importantly... have fun!

As always, the morning was about meeting the other children and teachers, and of course learning the games for the day, ready for the afternoon's competition. The schools had also made sure to get the most out of the day by including a small games pack for each team to take with them at the end. This meant that rather than just having a fantastically fun day, the schools involved were all getting some games to use every day... and some 'Games Wizards' ready to teach all their friends how to play them.



As the children were that bit younger, the challenge to them all was to stay focussed... and they did it superbly. We taught them 6 different games this morning, in a couple of hours of intense fun, and they knocked it out the park! 

Today's games were Folanimoes from Djeco, Lost and Found, 10 Up and Froggy from BrainBox and Green Board Games, Pass The Bomb from Gibson Games, and a very classic version of Hey! That's My Fish... (a long time Imagination Gaming favourite)! All of these games have previously featured in our Imagination Gaming Game of the Year awards or IGGY's.



Meet the teams... and the winners!

So, without further ado... congratulations go to everyone involved, with a big thanks to all the teachers too, and Reignhead for being fantastic hosts... but who got the trophies?!!!!

....Waterthorpe did! Here they are with their certificates and trophies, one for the winning team and one for the individual points scorer Harry, who helped lead his team to ultimate glory!


Well done to Beighton...

...and also a big congratulations to Reignhead too...


Who will win next time?! I feel sure there'll be plenty of competition and more teams joining us when we return.

So, one question remains. When will we be at your school? Get in touch and let's arrange something special just for you! Email us here or give us a call...



SHAKEspeare's Stories in Sheffield Libraries 2016

'Romeo & Juliet'

Natalya - Age 8 - Eccleshall Library


'To Try To Be King'

Emma - Age 12 - Crystal Peaks Library


'ABC and The Short Life Alien'

Julia - Age 10 - Stocksbridge Library


'The Apple Of Fate'

Sayad - Age 12 - Darnall Library


'The Time Juliet Found The Magic Mirror'

Emma - Age 7 - Crystal Peaks Library


St. Theresa's Inter-School Tournaments - Locality C

On Friday the 7th June, St.Theresa's Catholic Primary hosted the first of 2 seperate Imagination Gaming Inter-school Tournaments in a week!

As a school that uses Imagination Gamings team to deliver activities in the classroom every single week, they were keen to show the schools in their local communities what it was all about. What better than inviting them for a bit of co-operative and competitive fun with a games tournament!

Who came?

Todays event welcomed schools from Locality C in Sheffield, with teams from Phillimore, Oasis Don Valley, High Hazels Academy, Gleadless and of course St Theresa's. There were a couple of unavoidable last minute no-shows, but that didnt spoil anything, and there's always next time... but look at what they missed...

Very good games all using different skills. Interesting to see the children engaging, using strategies and being competitive with teamwork. Some games surprised the children when they thought they weren't good at them.

Mrs Bond, Phillimore Primary School


The Morning

As we waited for the teams to arrive and get settled, we played a few different games from this years Imagination Gaming Family and Education Game Awards, a great way to get comfortable in new surroundings.

Games such as the new cooperative memory game Farm Rescue from Brain Games, and the fast moving Cobra Paw (pictured above) all about quick thinking, oibservation and coordination were just 2 of the many popular pre-tournament tasters.


Get Ready

Once everyone was settled it was time to learn some games that they may face in the afternoons tournament. (Of course we chose some new games, we didnt want the experienced game players from St Theresa's to have any advantage!!!)

We spend the morning learning a few games as a group together, then taking those games back to our teams to practice together. It's at this point the teams can perfect their strategies and help each other be confident with the task ahead and share their ideas.

Again more new games when it came to the tournament! Along with the serious, we put in plenty of the silly too, including the brilliant Who Did It? (pictured above) ! Here competitors battle to pass the blame for their pets misdemeanors, but it takes a very good memory to make sure you don't end up with your foot in it, so to speak!

Q-Bitz, above, is a fabulous puzzler, where players have to race to be the first to recreate a pattern using cubes, with challenges ranging from simple to downright devious!

Fletter, (and Fletter Fuse) above, is another simple letter game which can easily be adapted ... so we used that too!


So What Happened?

Well some excellent gamesmanship happened, thats what! In the afternoon all the children were seperated from their teams (and comfort zones) and put on a table with children from different schools for a carousel of competitive gaming.

It's fantastic to see just how they work together in this environment. A perfect mix of social integration as everyone battled to do their best, but still supported each other to succeed, even in combat!

We managed to get through 5 different games in the afternoon's competition... Mosquito, Fletter, Q-Botz, Savvy and Who Did It. By the end the children had learnt and played games all day and their focus was truly remarkable... that's games done right for you!...

What a brilliant day!!! I think the games are absolutely fantastic. The kids loved playing them and so did I!

Jayne, Gleadless Primary School


But who won?!

Well, without further ado, here are your competitors and winners!

Firstly, massive congratulations to Evie for achieving the most individual points of any of todays players, a whopping 21 out of 25... amazing! Here she is on the left, with the rest of the team from Gleadless, and as you can see she was gob-smacked...!


Here's the host team from St. Theresa's...


The team from High Hazel's Academy...


The team from Oasis Don Valley...


and lastly... but certainly not least because they were the eventual...


Phillimore Primary


Congratulations indeed to all the schools that attended, both children and teachers for their enthuasiasm, and extra thanks for all the wonderfuk comments we received... we'll leave you with this one.

I think it was good because we all met new people as well as being very competitive against other people. It was also a bit confusing in a good way because it made my brain jog or even sprint sometimes!

Evie (before she knew she had won!), Gleadless Primary School